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Vol. 5 First to third grade in the same class. Learning World 1?

I have a class with students from first grade through third grade. Should I use Learning World 1?
Learning World 1 is best for students who have at least 2 years experience studying English. You could also use it with students who have studied English for one year who are in the third grade.

For your class with mixed-age students, you should use WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW as a warm-up book before using Learning World 1. YELLOW’s chants, songs and short dialogues are a fun way for students to start learning English.

*You could also consider WELCOME to Learning World BLUE for a warm-up text before Learning World 1. YELLOW and BLUE are about the same level and cover similar topics, but with some variations in topic, vocabulary and target language.

Vol. 4 Beginner class of kindergarteners: WELCOME YELLOW? PINK?

I have a class of kindergarteners who are studying English for the first time. Can I use WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW? Or is it too hard to start with YELLOW without doing PINK first?
WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW is recommended for kindergarten (nen-cho) students who are studying English for the first time. Students do not necessarily need to study PINK first. YELLOW is designed for beginning students to have fun and train their ears to hear English through fun songs and chants, and simple dialogues. The short dialogues between friends are perfect for students of this age.

PINK follows the daily life of a child and interaction with Mom and Dad. This text is recommended especially for 3-4 year olds, whose lives are centered more around interaction with their parents than with their friends.

Vol. 3 What are the differences between WELCOME PINK, YELLOW and BLUE?

In just a few words, what are the main differences between WELCOME to Learning World PINK, YELLOW and BLUE?

WELCOME to Learning World WELCOME has three books:
・PINK: leads children and parents through their daily lives and family interactions, from waking up to going to bed.
・YELLOW & BLUE: broaden the horizons a bit to include more variety of social interactions with family and friends.

* YELLOW and BLUE are similar levels, covering similar topics, but with slightly different vocabulary and phrases.

For more information:

Vol. 2 Students from ages 3 to 6 in the same class. Which WELCOME text?

I have students ranging from ages 3 to 6 in the same class. Which WELCOME to Learning World textbook should I use?

For this class WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW is probably best. YELLOW is recommended for older preschool classes with no, or very limited, English background. If the class were divided into two groups, WELCOME to Learning World PINK would be recommended for the 3-4 year olds, and YELLOW for the 5-6 year olds.

(With small children, having students with age ranges of over 3 years apart is not recommended. You encounter problems with developmental milestones and issues with motor skills. For example, how to hold a pencil and apply appropriate pressure. If the class is too large, you will also have a hard time making progress and advancing. If you can split the class into two, that would really be best.) 

Vol. 1 What materials can I use with a class of 2-year-olds?

Please recommend some materials I can use with a class of 2-year-olds.

The following CDs and picture books are recommended:

Recommendation 1.Songs:
NEW Let’s Sing Together (29 English songs)

This CD of songs contains many popular songs that American kids sing at school, camp, parties, etc. In order to appeal more to children, the songs are sung by children.

The SONG BOOK (for teachers, sold separately) has lyrics, TPR gestures and activities to do with the songs. There are some photocopiable sheets.

Recommendation 2.Picture Book:
Picture Books by Chants series Vol.2 Whose Shirt? (animals/clothing)

This story told through a chant is very popular, and especially recommended for younger students.

While reading the story, pause the CD, and imagine with the students, “What’s next?” “What is it?” Students will have fun trying to guess the next article of clothing and what animal it belongs to!
This chant comes from the textbook WELCOME to Learning World PINK.

Recommendation 3.Picture Book:
Picture Books series Vol.7 My Pet (animals/adjectives)

My Pet is based on a song that was made into a picture book. A boy imagines taking many different types of pets for walks, but they run into problems! The illustrations and simple language are great for 2-year-olds. (Bigger kids still like them, too!)
Other Picture Books series recommendations: Vol.1 Tiny Boppers (numbers/~ing actions), Vol.2 A Beautiful Butterfly (colors/foods)

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