PICTURE CARDS PINK (w/Scene Posters + CD)
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    New set of 100 picture cards! Now with audio CD and scene posters!

The 100 Picture Cards for PINK are now updated (from January 2016)!!

 BIG CHANGE!! Like the cards for YELLOW and BLUE, the new PINK cards have the picture on the front and the word on the back!

Includes 100 words for daily routines from waking up to going to bed! With vocabulary CD!

★ Card front: picture. Card back: word.


  • Safe, rounded corners. Great for use in preschool classes!
  • Card size: 15.2 cm x 22.6 cm (the same size as the cards for WELCOME to LW YELLOW and BLUE)

★★ New Cards include scene posters + audio CD! ★★

Scenes from waking up to going to sleep ♪ (Front: color, back: b/w) The mini-posters include the scenes from Units 1~10!
ポスター表 ポスター裏
■ Front: “Word” pictures lined up on the bottom of the page. Find the “word” items in the picture!
■ Back: Teacher’s CD track numbers, chants, and short dialogues make it easy for teachers to use!


100 words with audio CD! (Read with the rhythm! The speed is comfortable for students to practice saying the words.)


The audio on the 100 Words CD can also be found on the [Welcome to Learning World PINK Teacher’s Manual Audio CD].
New cards price: 5,000 yen + tax
Includes: A3-size posters (10) and audio CD

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