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    Set of 10 fun re-usable activities to go with Book 1 (90 sheets)

This classroom item is a must-have for teachers using Learning World 1!
These 10 fun activities are printed on heavy cardboard, so you can reuse them for all of your Learning World 1 classes! They provide interesting activities and puzzles for students to solve using English.
* Detailed step-by-step directions including pictures are on the Teacher’s Manual CD-ROM.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • A4 size / Heavy card stock / Full color / 90 sheets / 10 activities

10 Different Activities!


1. Let’s Make a Face

Big eyes or small eyes?…
Ask questions and choose the parts to make the face!

  • Face parts: eyes /a nose / a mouth
  • Sizes: big / little
  • Colors: (eyes) blue / green / brown / (hair) blond / brown / black

2. How Many Triangles?

Students look at shapes and figure out how many triangles they’re made from. Use the smaller triangles to check their answers!
How many triangles?

3. What’s in the Basket?

Do you have a carrot in your basket?
Ask questions and find out which basket the person has.

  • Foods: a strawberry / a lemon / an orange / a banana / an apple / a pumpkin / a potato / an eggplant / a carrot / a cucumber / an onion

4. What time is it?

Use this clock to practice telling time!

What time is it?

5. What animal is hiding?

Flip over the cards one at a time and guess the animal.

  • Animals: dinosaur / hippo / cow / snake / elephant / cat
  • Numbers: 1~9


6. A Big Yellow Lion

Is it big? Yes, it is. Is it yellow?
Ask questions and figure out which animal card the person is holding.

  • Animals: lion / dog / cat / hippo
  • Colors: yellow / gray / brown
  • Sizes: big / little


7. A red ghost is jumping.

A ghost is sitting. What color is it?
Use these cards to practice asking questions and using the present continuous.

  • Colors: red / blue / pink / orange / yellow / green / brown
  • Actions: jumping / sitting / flying / swimming / running / walking / sleeping

What animal is hiding?

8. Do you want some pancakes?

May I help you? Do you want pizza? Yes, please. Thank you. No, thank you.
Practice being a waiter and a customer.

  • Foods: cheese / pizza / cereal / apple pie / fried chicken / spaghetti / cake / pancakes / salad / ice cream


9. WANTED (Jamie)

What color is his shirt?
Ask questions and figure out which card the person is holding.

  • Clothing: hat / shirt / pants / socks / shoes
  • Colors: red / blue / green / yellow / brown / white

10. What time do you get up?

Clocks with Sara and Jamie doing things throughout their day.

  • Activities: get up / go to school / go to bed

What time do you get up?

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