Learning World 2 (2nd Edition) WORKBOOK
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    Workbook activities tightly tied into Book 2's curriculum

10 units, with 4 pages per unit. Do 1 workbook page per lesson.
Because students are able to complete activities at different speeds, every page has 2 activities. Students should be able to complete the first activity together in class. If they cannot all finish the second activity, you can save it for the review lesson! Detailed directions for how to use the workbook pages can be found on the “Learning World 2 (2nd Edition) Teacher’s Manual CD-ROM”.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • Size: A4 / Black & white / 48 pages

What is the Learning World 2 Workbook?

A slowly increasing level-up from Learning World 1 and READY.
Students have more practice writing words in ruled lines. There are more questions and activities where students have to think and write their own answers. Students also write 5-6 sentence short stories to show that they have understood the language and how to use it. There are many more opportunities for students to personalize the language!

Covers the Main Content from Learning World 2

Present continuous tense / Personal pronouns / What time do you…? / I want… / I like… / I have… / three-letter words / have to / Questions: Where? When? How? / How is the weather? / Will you? / Don’t… / What a big…! / May I…? / and more!


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