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    Set of 12 fun re-usable activities to go with Book 2 (133 sheets)

This classroom item is a must-have for teachers using Learning World 2!
These 12 fun activities are printed on heavy cardboard, so you can reuse them for all of your Learning World 2 classes! They provide interesting activities and puzzles for students to solve using English.
* Detailed step-by-step directions including pictures are on the Teacher’s Manual CD-ROM.

◆⇒ACTIVITY SHEETS: Kites(Insights from Matthew’s Classroom)

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • A4 size / Heavy card stock / Full color / 133 sheets / 12 activities

12 fun activities to do in class!
1. Yumi is fine.

Is Yumi fine?
Ask questions to figure out which card the person is holding.

  • Adjectives: fine, hungry, angry, sleepy, tired

2. A Big Red Triangle Kite

Is it big?
Ask questions to figure out which kite the person has.

  • Sizes: big, little Colors: yellow, blue, red Shapes: a triangle, a circle, a square, a rectangle

3. Ice Cream Cone

Practice ordering ice cream at an ice cream shop!
Staff: Which ice cream do you want?
Customer: I want a triple with mango, lemon and vanilla.

  • Flavors/Types: mint, mango, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, lemon
    single, double, triple


4. Do you like math?

Do you like (have) math?
Ask questions and figure out which card the person has.
Subjects: science, Japanese, social studies, music, P.E., art and crafts, English

5. Let’s make a dog.

The dog version of “Let’s make a face”.
Big head or little head? Big head, please.
Ask questions and pick parts to make a funny looking dog!

  • Sizes: big, little, long, short
  • Body parts: head, ears, legs, body, tail

アクティビティ・シート集133 Unit 4-2

6. How many carrots do you have?

How many carrots do you have?
Ask questions to figure out which basket the person has.

  • Vegetables: cucumber, potato, carrot, onion, tomato, green pepper, apple

7. Food Pyramid

This activity provides not just English, but also a lesson in food nutrition!
Work together to make the food pyramid and put the foods into the correct categories.

[Fats, oil, sugar] oil, sugar, cookie
[Milk group] milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, butter
[Meat & Fish group] fish, eggs, chicken, beef
[Vegetable group] carrots, onions, lettuce, cucumbers, eggplants, pumpkins
[Fruit group] apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, lemons
[Grain group] rice, bread, cereal, spaghetti

8. Where? How ? When?

Where do you go? How do you go? When do you go?
Great for practicing questions and prepositions!
Where: to the zoo, to the airport, to school, to the hospital, to the park, to the supermarket, to the library, to the train station, to Hawaii, to Canada
How: by rocket, by airplane, by bus, by train, by balloon, by ship, on foot,
When: on April 17th, in April, on Wednesday, at 6 o’clock, in winter, at night, in the morning

9. Weather Report

How is the weather in Vancouver? It’s sunny and cool!
Students use the 12 weather cards to take turns giving and getting weather reports.

  • Weather: sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, hot, warm, cool, cold
  • Countries: Canada, France, China, Kenya, Germany, Spain, Korea, Thailand, India, Japan, U.S.A., Brazil

10. Do you have pencils?

Do you have pencils in your bag? How many pencils do you have?
Ask questions and figure out which bag the person has.

  • Items in the bag: notebooks, a cell phone, a comic book, erasers, textbooks, a game, keys, a tissue, a CD, pencils

11. Can you swim?

Ask questions and figure out who the other person is.

  • Actions: swim, skate, ski, sing

12. WANTED+Reading Cards

Two ways to use this activity!
1: What color is his shirt?
Ask questions and figure out which card the person has.

  • Clothing: hat, shirt, pants, shoes, bag

2: Use the Reading Cards. Each student in a group gets one Reading Card. Take turns reading each card and figure out which card is being described.

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