Learning World 3 (2nd Edition) WORKBOOK w/CD
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    Workbook comes with a CD to practice listening for the Step Test (Level 5)

Audio CD for Step Test (Eiken) level 5 style listening practice. 10 pages of Listening Tests!
Reading practice! 2 “Let’s Read” stories with comprehension questions: “Do you want to live in space?” and “Did you ever see an ostrich?”
More extensive writing practice of full sentences, questions, and stories!

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

Size: A4 / Black & white / 56 pages / Answer Key / Attached audio CD

What is the Learning World 3 Workbook?

The Learning World 3 Workbook reviews some language from Learning World 2: present continuous, questions, verbs, etc. It also contains new language, including: There is, There are / Comparisons & superlatives / general past tense / past progressive tense / infinitives / and more!

How are the Workbook CD and the Student CD different?
  • The Learning World 3 Student CD has the chants and dialogues that go with the Student Book.
  • The Workbook CD has the Eiken-style listening tests and the 2 “Let’s Read” stories which are found in the Workbook.

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