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    Set of 12 fun re-usable activities that go with Book 3 (111 sheets)

This classroom item is a must-have for teachers using Learning World 3!
These 12 fun activities are printed on heavy cardboard, so you can reuse them for all of your Learning World 3 classes! They provide interesting activities and puzzles for students to solve using English.
* Detailed step-by-step directions including pictures are on the Teacher’s Manual CD-ROM.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • A4 size / Heavy card stock / Full color / 111 sheets / 12 activities
1. A dog or dogs?

Singular and plural forms for animals: a dog/dogs, a cat/cats, a pig/pigs, a goose/geese, a mouse/mice, a sheep/sheep

2. How many mice?

Students ask questions to figure out which card the other person has.

3. There are two children in the house.

“There is/are”: Students read their sentence strips to figure out which picture is being described.
Activity Sheets 111 Unit3-2

4. The Parking Lot

Which car is yours? That big purple car between the small red car and the big red car is mine.
Students figure out which car belongs to the other person.

5. What is it?

Use the first person and third person singular to make comparisons and describe 8 animals. Can be used in two ways!
1. Students pick an animal and tell about it. “It has 6 legs. It likes sugar.” Other students guess the animal.
2. Hand out the sentence strips. Students read them out and figure out which animal is being described.

6. Which snake is longer?

Comparatives: Which is longer/bigger/taller?

7. Who is taller, the father or the mother?

Comparatives & superlatives: “Who is taller, the mother or the father?” “The mother is taller than the father. The boy is the tallest.” Figure out which picture is being described.

8. Where? How? When? How long?

Students practice making and answering questions. Using these Activity Sheets and the Class Cards, students talk about a trip they are going to take!

9. Where do you want to go?

Use the flag charts and figure out where the student wants to go!

10. What was the monkey doing?

Past tense: Students put the words in order to make a sentence that describes one of the pictures.
Activity Sheets 111 Unit 8-3

11. Did you make your bed?

Past tense yes/no questions: Students ask questions about chores to figure out which card the person has.

12. Is this your ax?

“The color is different/the same. My ax is newer/older than this one.” Students figure out which ax the other person has.

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