Contains all the materials you need to teach Learning World 4 BRIDGE!!

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Set Contents:
1. Teacher’s Book 2.Activity Card Sheets 3. Interactive DVD-ROM
& Listening Test CD
◆ 1. Teacher’s Book

・ 122 pages
・ A4 size
・ Full color
・ Bilingual

Information about the overall STEP configuration and lesson flow makes it easy to adjust the schedule to fit class needs, while detailed information about specific activities makes it easy to execute the activities.

See the Teacher’s Book page for more information, including: STEP configuration, Lesson Flows, STEP 4 example, and information about Let’s Write: Questions for Expanding Topics.

◆ 2. Activity Card Sheets

・ 32 sheets
・ A4 size
・ Full color
・ Printed on heavy card stock paper

Can be used in a variety of ways to make classes more interesting and more challenging. Essential for the “Let’s get started using…” Task.

See the Activity Card Sheets page for more information about the contents and how to use them.

◆ 3. Interactive DVD-ROM & Listening Test CD

・ Interactive DVD-ROM (1 disc): includes installation of BRIDGE Digital Materials & Updater
・ Listening Test CD (1 audio CD)

Easy-to-use materials that boost students’ interest in language, help students gain a deeper understanding of the language, and make the execution of activities smoother.

See the Interactive DVD-ROM & Listening Test CD page for more information about the contents of the materials and how to use them.
See the Bridge Digital page for information about updating the software.
* Both pages include a link to an online sample of STEPs 1~5!! Try it out!


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