Learning World 5 TOMORROW (2nd) Teacher's Manual w/Class CD
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    Teacher's Manual and Class CD set

Bilingual manual contains possible answers and suggestions on usage to encourage active learning.
Attached audio Class CDs for in-class use.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

◆ TEACHER’S BOOK: 88 pages / Size: A4 / 2 colors / Photocopiable Sheets
◆ Class CD: 2 discs

Class CDs include all of the audio needed to teach TOMORROW.  
Student CD audio PLUS: ・Grammar Point audio (from 5-3) ・All stories (3) with pauses  ・All dialogues (6) with A part only and B part only (for practice) ・Supplement: irregular verbs (100) said to rhythm  ・Listening Test audio (at the end of each unit, not grouped together)  ・More challenging rhythm (with and without words) for verbs (pages 25 & 27)



■Unit 1■
1-1(A3) ・1-2(A3) ・1-3(A3)
1-2(Activity Cards)(A4)
※A4 Size⇒・1-1(A4) ・1-2(A4) ・1-3(A4)

■Unit 2■
2-1(A3) ・2-2(A3) ・2-3(A3)
2-1(Activity Cards)(A4) ・2-3(Activity Cards)(A4)
※A4 Size⇒・2-1(A4) ・2-2(A4) ・2-3(A4)

■Unit 3■
3-1(A3) ・3-2(A3) ・3-3(A3)
3-2(Activity Cards1)(A4) ・3-2(Activity Cards2)(A4)
※A4 Size⇒・3-1(A4) ・3-2(A4) ・3-3(A4)

■Unit 4■
4-1(A3) ・4-2(A3) ・4-3(A3)
4-1 (Sentence Cards: People and Occupations)  ・4-3 (Chores at home after school)
※A4 Size⇒・4-1(A4) ・4-2(A4) ・4-3(A4)

■Unit 5■
5-1(A3) ・5-2(A3) ・5-3(A3)
5-1 (Cards)  ・5-2 (Identify who is who) ・5-3 (Five Pencils)
※A4 Size⇒・5-1(A4) ・5-2(A4) ・5-3(A4)

■Unit 6■
6-1(A3) ・6-2(A3) ・6-3(A3)
6-3 (Sentence Strips) 
※A4 Size⇒・6-1(A4) ・6-2(A4) ・6-3(A4)

Learning World 5 TOMORROW Workbook Words-Phrases answers Download PDF here
*TEACHER’S BOOK includes answers for WORKBOOK.

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