NOTEBOOK (8 Lines/Green)
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    (10/pack) A perfect first ruled-lines notebook! Has the alphabet with stroke order (size A4 wide)

Updated in 2018!
Recommended as the first four-ruled line notebook.
Ideal for practicing writing letters and short words!

  • Pack of 10 notebooks
  • 21cm w × 25.7cm h
  • 48 pages

▼ The first page in the notebook shows stroke order, line usage, and cursive letters.

▼ Notebook pages have headers for the date, day, and weather.

◆ There are 5 mm between each line, giving younger learners enough writing space. ◆

▼ The back cover has lots of useful information, which also helps with spelling:
weather, days of the week, months, seasons, star signs, and shapes.

There are also two more versions of the APRICOT notebook: NOTEBOOK 10 Lines (Blue) and NOTEBOOK 13 Lines (Purple).

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