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Effective Classroom Management

Product release schedule: May 2021 

Kierryn-sensei, who presented the LW Skill-Up seminar from October 2020 to March 2021, introduces his item for your students’ motivation and achievement!

Country FLAG version for the Olympic Year 2021!

Chart Usage in YELLOW HOUSE (By Kierryn sensei)
・I give a sticker just for attendance;
・I give double stickers(2) for birthdays (to all students in the class, not just the birthday student);
・I give 5 stickers for students who take the Eiken test (even if they fail);
・I don’t give extra stickers for any other reason- this way the sticker keeps its value (You can decide when to give a sticker);
・I give stickers at the end of the class and it is placed under each flag;
・At the end of the chart, I give a small reward- never anything expensive- but more of a token. I then give the child another chart- and their trip starts all over again!

Durable paper for long-lasting performance!



■Sticker Chart A4 size, durable paper, set of 20
・covers 20 students
・stickers are sold separately Gold Stickers

English learning can take time for students to feel concrete results.
Sticker Chart helps children see their efforts in a tangible way, giving them motivation at times when it may be lacking.
As a private English school, I give a sticker just for coming to class as students often come tired after a long day at school.
A sticker should never be the main motivation of coming to lessons, remember that learning should always fun and rewarding in itself, however, stickers are always fun especially when you are travelling around the world!

【Planner of this product】Kierry Bowring (Yellow House, Ishikawa)
He has been teaching using the Learning World series since he established his school in 2005. He is a teacher with a great knowledge of the English-language-education system in Japan, over 300 students take lessons at his school.He has experienced teaching with all Learning World textbooks and his seminars about his teaching ideas are suitable for Japanese children and are always well received. He presented the Learning World Skill-Up seminar (5 sessions) to 720 participants in total, through October 2020 and March 2021.In Spring 2021, a new project “Classroom Solution” was announced to introduce useful items that can be used as teaching aids.



▼Sticker Chart (set of 40) with Map and Q&A List


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