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Recommended! Picture books for private elementary schools and moms

In the Picture Books by Songs & Chants series, popular songs and chants have been turned into an entire story! The DVDs are also a big hit! The structure and repetition of phrases that comes from the songs makes it easy for students to understand without the need for Japanese translations. The stories including simple activities that the students are familiar with: “shopping at the supermarket”, “open the window”, “It’s xx o’clock. It’s time to xx.”, “Where are you?”, etc. Kids have fun remembering the language. The DVDs are especially great for use in classes!

【Private Elementary Schools Top 3】
No.1 abcd Chants “This easy-to-use alphabet picture book can be used with both lower and upper level elementary school students.” “Unlike other picture books, you can use this book little-by-little, starting from A.”
No.2 What’s in the Cart? “The items in the cart gradually increase. The last items being said at double the speed is fun.” “It’s fun watching the DVD and guessing what is going to go into the cart next.”
No.3 Open the Window “Lower elementary school students love this book. Everyone spoke up to say ‘tap, tap, tap’ when knocking on the window.” “The animals are cute, the animal sounds are fun, students easily remember the chants!”

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子ども達には「日本語は、「あ」って書いたら、発音・読み方も、「あ」だけど、英語はA(エイ)っていう名前で、アとか読み方が違うんだよ」と説明してDVDを見せました。すぐ、a a aのところを真似しながら見ていました。単語が出てきて、それを使って次の文が出るとわかるともうエキサイト!


Public Elementary School Recommended Materials

These materials are used in many public elementary schools, and can be used with or without a main textbook. When considering materials, it is important to consider your students and their background knowledge. They usually have very little English, but are very curious about the world around them.

Here is a list of materials by school/class type.

Picture Books: APRICOT Picture Books series (10 titles)

Available in two sizes: regular size (with attached CD) and big book (with NO CD).
This series explores the various minds and personalities of children through reading and discussing the stories. The series is not focused just on English language, but also on children’s development. The Picture Books can help children recognize different aspects of themselves, learn how to accept others, consider other people’s points of view, and think about the strengths and responsibilities that people have.

Activities/Lesson Plans: 実践家からの児童英語教育法 (3 volumes) **In Japanese

With attached song and chant CDs, these books provide a great source for activities you can use in class. For the songs, there are illustrated directions for the gestures that go with them. There is also a handy reference list of activities that can be used with larger groups and activities that focus on cross-cultural understanding.
** In Japanese.

Songs: NEW Let’s Sing Together CD (29 songs) & SONG BOOK

This song book and CD has 29 popular, well-know traditional English songs which are set to fun music. The book is great for teaching children the songs. It includes lyrics, sheet music, Japanese translations, gestures and other activity ideas!

Song & Chants: AJ’s SONGS & CHANTS CD (32 songs)

This CD goes with the AJ’s Picture Dictionary, and it is very popular with students in upper-elementary school. Some schools use this song CD after NEW Let’s Sing Together. It has a range of songs from cute to cool. The chants are great for helping students remember full sentences. Our School Show is a great one to use for school performances (発表会). The 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) song is popular with schools for teaching about being environmentally friendly. Other songs include Skidamarink A Doo, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Alphabet Song, Rain Rain Go Away… A fun collection!

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