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APRICOT SUMMER FESTA 2021 (July 27, Aug 4, 22, 28)

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HALF DAY Program💛

*Please join the ZOOM Meeting 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

13:30~14:45 FUN TIME
・Rock, Paper, Scissors with 100 students!
・A minute speech! Talk about your hometown.
・Quiz Battle! How many questions can you answer?
・“THE BEST” Game: Find “The Best of 〇〇!” 
★MVP Badge will be given to 1st & 2nd place winners!!
(Turn the video off and take a break)
15:00~16:30 CHALLENGE TIME
~”REAL” Communication Experience~
Chat with native English speakers around the world! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in English, your teachers will be there for you💛


4 hours of online English experience!


💛Let’s have fun in English!

☑ Review effectively!

☑ Make new friends!

☑ Connect to the World!

☑ Memorable Summer Holiday!

☑ Build confidence!


【Age】Elementary School and Junior-high school students (3 years of experience: Learning World Book 1 or higher-level learners)

【Fee】2,000 – 3,000yen / person (Prices vary depending on your venue setting and the number of people)

【Venue】Your school, or prepared venue by your school’s choice.


■Mayumi Nakamura (FESTA Coordinater) (canvas,  Nagano / Learning World certified School)


(Photos from Online Camp 2020)



★Exclusive sticker set for the first 20 teams to apply for FESTA★🎀



【Setting for this event】

 Please note that this SUMMER FESTA can be applied per group/school. (One PC to be shared by a team)

The preferred setting (webcam, microphone, speakers, etc) may vary depending on the number of your group. 

*More details will be introduced at Info Session on June 27th and July 4th.


FESTA Info Session  Sun, June 27th & Sun, July 4th (20:00~)


☑How to participate

☑Recommended ages, experience, numbers of students per monitor, etc.

☑How to apply

☑About the Program

☑Our requests to teachers, etc

Participate in the Info Session and Get 10%OFF for Event application!


▶Apply for June 27th

▶Apply for July 4th


★Total 20% OFF for 2021 Learning World Certified Schools

SUMMER FESTA 2021 Inquiry: please email us with the title “SUMMER FESTA”


【Frequently asked questions】

①   How many students can join this event?

The ideal number is 6 per group. We are planning this event suitable for  6 to 12 students per team (per one ZOOM screen). Some of the programs are designed for a maximum of 6 students, however, teams with 6+ members can participate in this event by taking turns.

② What do we (school) need to prepare? 

Any school that can prepare a computer with a webcam, speakers, and internet connection can apply for this event.

③  What is the School teacher’s role on the day of the event?

Please support your students when participating in the event programs and also when they are off-screen.

④  Can I join the event individually?

SUMMER FESTA is a group event, we kindly ask you to find your teammates to apply for this event.

⑤   What are the recommended ages and experiences?

3 years of experience or longer, Learning World Book 1 or higher-level learners are all suitable for this event. Groups with mixed-age are welcome too.

⑥ Can a class/team that is not using Learning World textbooks apply for the event?

Some programs (eg. quiz)  are related to Learning World characters and contents. However, non-Learning World-learners are eligible to apply for this event. Feel free to join us! … guessing answers in the quiz session can be fun too!


 Make more friends in English Learning Community!


APRICOT Publishing introduced Summer Camp Program in 2019 to Learning World Certified Schools., to provide experience and keep students motivated.


Thanks to Mayumi Nakamura (canvas, Nagano) for being a coordinator of SUMMER FESTA, we are planning this year’s Summer event full of online activities involving students from all around Japan.


We prepared 48 slots in total, for 48 teams to enter the event. Will you join us online? We hope to see you on the screen!


Instagram Live

Our First Instagram Live on Sun, June 20  21:00 ~21:30 


We hope that you can join us! See you on Sunday night on Instagram Live!






[Sun, May 23] Zoom-Meeting

Online Lessons using PowerPoint





Good lack!  

Nope, it is not a spell-mistake! When things don’t go as planned or when you are forced to be in unfortunate situations, it is hard to see the bright side. But when there is a lack, there is also a way to fill the lack. There are things that you achieved, every time you get through the times where you find lacks.


The pandemic has been affecting lectures and club activities in Japan. Learning English is not an exception, and we may have to face more challenges. So what can we do? Let us think about what we can do in this situation with the most positive coursebook, The Learning World series!


How can we manage the quality of teaching and the process of learning in remote lessons? Communication activity is very important in learning a language, but how can we keep fun and effective lessons with class activities in online lessons?


This is your opportunity to see my ideas of making your own teaching aids using Power Point!

Covid-19 has been stealing our “normal” lifestyle and there are “lacks” everywhere. But we will find good “luck”!


Mikiko Nakamoto (The Learning World series Author)



*Nakamoto Seminar (April 2021)



See the fun part of teaching children in online lessons!

Mikiko Nakamoto, the author of the Learning World series, to introduce you to fun activities using Power Point!


5/23(Sun) 10:30~12:10(pencied-in)


*This is an online event by ZOOM online meeting.

*This online meeting will be held to share ideas of making classroom aids in simple and easy ways using Power Point.

*Eligible for teachers who use the Learning World series.


【Fee】 FREE


【Application】 closes at 23:59 Thu, May 20th


The latest version of Windows PowerPoint will be used in this event. Please check your PowerPoint is Office 2019 or newer version which features 3D icon.


※Please note that this event is not a lecture but to share activity ideas for online lessons.
※Only basic features of PowerPoint will be used in the meeting.


➡➡Apply HERE


Training Course – Nakamoto Seminar

*Please note that the language used in this Training Course is Japanese.

Online Training Course “Nakamoto Seminar”☺



◎Lecturer:  Mikiko Nakamoto(Author of Learning World)
◎Participants: max. 6 persons per course
◎Time Period: April, June, August, October 2021 (All lectures will be held on Sundays, except for April 29th)

 April  June  August  October
Lecture #1   4/4 5/30 8/1 10/3
Lecture #2 4/11 6/6 8/8 10/10
Lecture #3  4/18 6/13 8/15 10/17
Lecture #4  4/25 6/20 8/22 10/24
Lecture #5  4/29(Thu) 6/27 8/29 10/31

*Seats all sold out. Thank you.


◎Lecture time: 10:00~12:30
◎Course cost:  40,000yen + tax (Lecture supplies included) *10,000yen OFF for Learning World Certified Schools
◎Course guide: Online, with Zoom


1st Lecture

Getting ready
・Goals of ESL program for children
・Teaching strategies for ESL
・Assessing your students

2nd Lecture

Becoming fluent in the English language in Japan
・Communication skills
・Teacher standards for language teachers
・Speaking activities

3rd Lecture

Encouraging students to let English “sink in”
・with Game activities
・with Songs
・with Chants

4th Lecture

From Reading/Writing to Presentation
・Teaching with picture books
・Reading development
・Writing development

5th Lecture

Teaching young learners to take initiative
・Grammar practice in ESL for kids
・Importance of talk time (Chat)
・Lesson Structure

(The Program may be subject to change)


★This seminar is a short course which can be completed within a month.
★A certificate will be issued upon course completion.
★Achievement Test on the last session of the course will not be held online.
★Absentees or other inquiries, please contact →


Read more about this seminar: APRICOT 児童英語教師養成講座 (in Japanese)

Check out Mikiko Nakamoto’s Essay page なかもとと友かな (in Japanese)

MARCH 14th: LW Skill-up Seminar “Book 4 BRIDGE”


Sun March 14th, 2021 Learning World Bk4 BRIDGE


 【TIME】: 20:00-22:00 (including Q&A session)

【Book4 BRIDGE is for】
Students who completed BOOK3, English education experience over 4 – 5 years, getting ready for Junior-high school

【Book4 BRIDGE contents】
Be verb, plural nouns, Wh- interrogative sentences, third-person singular, progressive, adjectives, prepositions, adverbs, future tense, past tense, superlative, gerund, infinitive, etc.


Seminar focus:
How to use the textbook effectively, tips to keep your students motivated, preparing for Eiken test, how to prevent a slump, etc… full of useful tips and ideas!


【Presenter】:Kierryn  Bowring (Yellow House)
Kierryn is from Australia and a resident of Japan for 20 years. He is a teacher with a great knowledge of the English-language-education system in Japan,  approximately 300 students take lessons at his school.

He has experienced teaching with all Learning World textbooks and his seminars about his teaching ideas are suitable for Japanese children and are always well received.


【Fee】(All prices includes tax)     *LW certification school price

     2,500 yen / per seminar     *1,500 yen / per seminar



*This event is eligible for “Mate Coupon”.
Contact us if you are uncertain about your Mate Coupon code :


・Zoom Meeting ID will be notified by email.
・Please set your Zoom ID with your name and prefecture. (i.e.: Tomoko, TOKYO)
・Please participate with your computer or tablet device. (No smartphones)
・Inquiries accepted by email until 10 am 2 days prior to each event at
・Please turn your camera on for this workshop


                        >>> Order here


【The workshop comes with a 30%OFF voucher 🎀

★30 % OFF All products on the e-APRICOT store! The voucher is valid until March 3rd, 2021.  

⇒⇒The voucher will be sent by email after the payment has been processed.


Have your red pen ready! Kierryn sensei will conduct you through Learning World textbooks and workbooks in these workshops. Please have your LW books presented to participate in the workshop.

    Book 3 event is over. Thank you for participating!  118 teachers joined the event.

    FEB 21  SUN Learning World Book3 Skill-up Seminar

    【Book3 seminar focus】: Learning World starters: English education experience over 4 years from other textbooks. Learning World learners: After Book 2 textbook. 9-11 years old children with English experience.

    【Book3 contents】: Review of Learning World series up toBook2, Imperative forms, singular and plural forms of nouns, adverbs, third-person plural, sentences starting with Who, exclamatory sentences, have to…, stop …ing, comparative/superlative, future tense, infinitive, past tense, past progressive, etc.


    ▼Book 2 Skill-Up Seminar live stream from the presenter Kierryn’s school YELLOW HOUSE (Jan 31 2021)

    Comparing to Book1 contents (Expressions)

    How to expand children’s creativity (Unit 3-2)

    Let’s make a FUNNY dog(Unit 4-2)

    Kierryn’s idea for courage children to talk in English

    Introducing Worksheet (Unit 5-1)

    World’s weather(Unit 7-1)

    Introducing new product HomeworkCard 



      Book 2 event is over. Thank you for participating! About 110 teachers joined the event.

      Sun January 31st, 2021 Learning World Bk2

      ▲Characters from Book2


      Book 2 workshop focus: English education experience over 4 years (4-10 years old),
      After “READY” and “BOOK1” textbook.


      Lessons with a sense of achievement to prevent a slump


      -Present progressive, adjectives, interrogative adverbs, verbs, interrogative sentences, imperative forms, weather, preposition, exclamatory sentences, etc.


      ▼ “Learning World Bk1” Skill-Up Workshop (December 6th, 2020)



        Book 1 event is over

        Sun December 6th Learning World skill-ups Book1

        【Zoom Event】20:00~22:00

        Teaching ideas using Learning World Book1(For Elementary 1 -2 grades, English education experience between 0-3 years)

        ・How to expand skills

        ・Suitable activity for each level, bridge the gap of experience

        ・The reality of “Question Time(Chit Chat)” in early elementary grades

        …and more!


        Book 1 is for building a foundation of learning the English language. Teaching with Learning World textbooks? December 6th Zoom workshop is definitely a must-do event!

        ↓Previous Skill-up seminar “WELCOME” (live from Tokyo, November 15th)

        ↓Message from Kierryn-sensei for the next event “Book 1”


        19:45~  Meet & Greet 
        Part 1 20:00~
        The Basics
        Book1 lesson basics
        Part 2 20:40~
        Teaching with using Book 1
        (Textbook, Workbook, Teaching aids, cards)
        Part 3 21:35~
        Question Time


        【Workshop recommendtions】

        ★To improve teaching skills  ★To develop each key skill classified by each textbook.   ★To see other teachers’ lessons  ★To recognize effective lesson styles by learning the English education curriculum in Japanese Elementary schools   ★To get through an unpopular UNIT




        Guidance per Activity / Cautions per age / Adjustment levels / Preventing slump etc… Fill your textbooks with crib notes


         Screen OFF mode not accepted

         The workshop consists of 5 courses: A certificate will be awarded to those who participated in all 5 sessions.


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