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We are holding two major summer events again this year, where you can use the English you have learned in real conversations more and more.★

Last year, we had 60 children at the Hakuba Camp and 115 children from all over the country at the Online Summer Festa… We would like to thank once again the school teachers who participated from all over the country. In 2024, we will be holding two major summer events where you will be able to use the English you have learned in real-life conversations. Please contact us at e-mail address at and write “SUMMER CAMP 2024” in the subject line to find out more about our English camp in Hakuba, which is said to have the second highest number of foreigners in Japan after Niseko.


The program for 2024 is currently being coordinated. Further information will be provided when details are finalized.




Schedule A: Sunday 21 July – Tuesday 23 July 2024 * Application for Schedule A has already been closed.

Schedule B: Thursday 25 – Saturday 27 July 2024

*Due to the large number of applications for the Priority Participation School for Dates A (21-243July) listed on p. 35 of the 2024 Catalogue, we have already closed the call for applications. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

【Place】NOMAD(3020-870, Kitajo, Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.)

Further information will be provided as soon as details are finalized.

Click here to see how it went in 2023.


Kids Online Event SUMMER FESTA

【Schedule】Scheduled for early August 2024.

Further information will be provided as soon as details are finalized.

Click here to see how it went in 2023.

APRICOT digital website opens in spring 2023.

APRICOT digital website opens in spring 2023.


Apricot Publishing plans to open a digital website for use in spring 2023.

The data will be converted into various types of Teaching Materials, the main teaching materials published by Apricot Publishing, and the content will be provided that can be used in a variety of lesson formats.


【TOP screen image】

*Some of the TOP screens may change.

There are four TOP boxes. You can get what you need!


■BOX1■ Teacher’s items needed for teaching the Learning World series: cards, instruction manuals, color teaching tools digital data (PDF/jpg) for Information Gap activities can be ‘downloaded and imported to your own computer’ (membership/pay by each item) Free Download items such as pictures from the WELCOME to Learning World picture cards (PINK/ YELLOW/ BLUE), characters from all books, Listening Test audio and answer packs, workbook answers, etc., which have not been available until now. Various free downloads are also available.



■BOX2■  A variety of APRICOT supplementary materials are sequentially converted into data. Please feel free to make use of picture book workbooks, character sheet data, etc. in your lessons.


■BOX3■ Apricot Publishing-sponsored events, courses, and videos can be viewed, and in spring 2023, the online version of ‘Teaching English to Children from a Practitioner, Commentary Revised Online’ by Mikiko Nakamoto, Apricot Publishing’s lead author, will be available on this digital site.


■BOX4■ Feel free to download Copiable sheets, seasonal prints, and limited-time items to add a little more to your lessons or home English.


For Learning World student materials, go to [MY bookshelf].

What’s ‘MY Bookshelf’?

Quick! Poof! I can get the paper or audio I need out in no time!

☑ Go to MY Bookshelf to browse student items from all Learning World volumes.

☑ All the texts and workbooks in the series can be viewed and flipped through as much as you like.

☑ You can quickly show the texts you have already studied or plan to use next year across all volumes, which makes reviewing easier.

☑   Audio embedded in the text is Teacher’s Audio, including listening tests. Audio speed change OK.






★A wide range of free downloads are available.



★Other items are being prepared to be offered ONLY on the digital website.


The website is currently being prepared for items to be made available to members only. Please wait a little longer for the site to open!💦

The official announcement of the digital website will be made in February 2023 via the newsletter and official LINE.

Summer Festa 2022

School Holiday is coming! Let’s get ready for SUMMER FESTA!



SUMMER FESTA ★2022 Dates confirmed!

JULY:  SUN 31 

AUGUST: THU 4th /  SUN 7th / SUN 21st 

●START 1 pm ● 3-hour event



★Fun event for Elementary school & junior high school students with 3 years+ of English experience.



Print poster



4 dates to choose from! Join FESTA online from your school!

You can participate in this event from your school! Gather your students, make a team and meet other teams(schools) all over Japan!


☑Quiz battle with other schools🔥

☑School vs School games!

Break time

☑Communication experience ~Connect to the World ~ 

☑Exclusive presents and prizes♪

☑MVP Award📛 & Raffles♪ 


Don’t be shy! This is a team event, your classmates and your teacher will be with you!




【Application opens 10th of July

12,000yen per school  slot(1 team / 6-15 people) 


*The event price is set per slot/team. The more people in your team, the cheaper the cost per person.

*We recommend your team to be the same or similar numbers as your usual class size.

*To use this opportunity more effectively for your students’ experience, keep your team as close to your regular class members, including the teacher. 

Last year we had a lot of schools participate in our FESTA per their class in different slots / dates. (1-12 people per team, depending on school size)

*Please note that you will need a PC/Laptop/Tablet per team. (If you are applying for 2 slots on the same date, you will need 2 computers)



【Changes and cancellation】

・Date changes can be accepted until  7 days before the FESTA starts.

  ➡ email: 

・50% Cancellation fee applies from  3 days before the FESTA starts. 

 FESTA 31 JULY  ➡Cancellation fee applies from 28th July

 FESTA 4th AUG  ➡Cancellation fee applies from 1st August.

 FESTA 7th AUG  ➡Cancellation fee applies from 4th August.

 FESTA  21st AUG ➡Cancellation fee applies from 18th August.



SAT  9th JULY 20:00 ~ 21:00



*reservation required *free of charge


【FESTA 10%OFF Voucher】🎁✨

Participate in this FESTA info session and get a 10% discount on your event application! 12,000yen ➡️ 10,800yen


【20% OFF for 2022 LW Certified Schools &  FESTA 2021 participants】

12,000yen ➡ 9,600yen

*Coupon code will be sent to eligible schools on 9th July.


🌸Info Session is key to enjoying FESTA 120%!🌸


■Info session is a good place to communicate with other school teachers.

■Get to know about the FESTA event and the English level needed to enjoy each program.

■Get as much info as you need to be more confident to bring your students to FESTA!

■FESTA Event coordinator Mayumi Nakamura (canvas, Nagano/Learning World certified school/ APRICOT event instructor) will introduce you to the FESTA!



★Not using the Learning World series at your school?  You are more than WELCOME!💛

SUMMER FESTA is a great opportunity for your students to make more friends in the English learning community!

★INFO SESSION with the event coordinator is a one-time-only event. (July 9th)  



・Please use the application form above to apply for this Info Session.

・If you miss participating due to personal reasons, you will be eligible to access the Info Session footage.


FESTA inquiry:



★FESTA can be your Summer Break Event!
★Non-APRICOT-Textbook-Users are welcome!
★You have Elementary & Junior-high students with 3 years+ of English learning experience? Join us and let us introduce you to our summer event!


SAT 9th JULY 20:00 ~ 21:00

*ZOOM EVENT *Application required *Free of charge *Footage will be available later if you miss participating due to unavoidable reasons.


Application Form



■Get to know the teachers who are considering participating in SUMMER FESTA.

■Great opportunity to build up teachers’ community.

■Please note that FESTA is an event for elementary school & junior-high-school students.

■Event program, needed English level, reviews from last year will be introduced.


School Holiday is coming! Join our SUMMER FESTA! 

FESTA Coordinator, Mayumi Nakamura,  (canvas, Nagano /  Learning World certified School /APRICOT official event coordinator) will be there to welcome you to our fun event!


SUMMER FESTA is an online team event!
Make a team in your school and play games, quiz battles, etc with other teams(schools) all over Japan! After the fun, exciting time, take a break (SNACK TIME) and connect to the world! (CHALLENGE TIME) ! Real communication experience with people all over the world!  FESTA 2021 report



Participate in SUMMER FESTA INFO SESSION and GET 10% OFF on FESTA Application 
★✨12,000yen /team ➡️ 10,800yen /team

*Coupon code will be sent to you on July 9th.


【20% OFF for 2022 Learning World Certified Schools & FESTA 2021 Participants.】

12,000yen /team ➡ 9,600yen

*Coupon Code will be sent to Mate LINE


Application Form


➡➡FESTA Inquiry:

2022 Spring Learning World WORKSHOP will be held on four dates!

2022 SPRING “Learning World” WORKSHOP

March 6th, 13th, 27th & April 3rd

*This event has ended. Thank you for participating!


【SCHEDULE】4 sessions

1st Session March 6th(SUN)Lessons for -4years old lesson(WELCOME PINK) *This event has ended 


2nd session March 13th(SUN)Lessons for 4-5 years old(WELCOME YELLOW)*This event has ended.


3rd session  March 27th (SUN)Lessons for 5-6 years old(WELCOME BLUE)*This event has ended.


4th session April 3rd(SUN)低学年クラス向けレッスン(BOOK1)*This event has ended.


– Practical information to teach English using the “Learning World” coursebook. 


– YES, Japanese CAN speak English – this is our goal!


– The teaching guidance from Mikiko Nakamoto, the author of the Learning World series.




At these workshops, we will share the teaching guidance of  Mikiko Nakamoto Sensei’s ways. What she re-learned about teaching English in Japan after she had reset herself from teaching in her way or following the ways of what major schools usually offer. Rethink and re-learn about ESL from a practical view, find out what Mikiko realized over the years after she started teaching with her new training methods.

All the contents in this workshop are practical, with no flowery language!

✅Using Learning World coursebook in elementary or higher classes.     

✅Learning World teaching methods

✅Considering the Learning World series as your new textbook.   

✅Opening a new Eikaiwa school

✅How other schools and teachers are dealing with students and parents.





◆Program (subject to change)

20:45 Meet & Greet
*We will welcome you to the workshop room 15 minutes before the actual workshop starts!
1 21:00~
PROGRAM 1:  Teaching in real lessons

How we should set a routine for a 12 months course at the beginning of the school year.

Unit 1  will be introduced in detail.

 2 21:45~
PROGRAM 2:  Instructors who lead students to use English by themselves.

How do you make children feel like they want to speak in English?

The keys to satisfying students, parents, and also teachers.

 3 22:30~

Share your experience, ideas, questions, whys… solve them with other instructors!

・Class items for teaching English in Japan besides the Learning World coursebook.

・How do you communicate with parents, how much do parents want to know about your plans? etc.


Apply for this Workshop


【Workshop Instructor】Shinobu Yoshida(Mommy&Me)

Established an Eikaiwa school in Seto city, Aichi and she has been teaching English for over 26 years. She founded Learning World 7 years ago and got influenced by the series focus and ideas.  She completed the APRICOT Training Course in 2015. With her knowledge of psychology, she continues to learn and improve students’ and parents’ satisfaction by acknowledging their self-affirmation. Her school became a Learning World Certified School in 2020 by an offer from APRICOT Publishing.  This workshop will be her 3rd time as a presenter of  APRICOT events.


【DATES】全4回  *各回ごとにお申込OK 全4回ご参加の場合は割引きあり

1st session  SUN March 6th  3-4 years old class(Learning World WELCOME PINK)

2nd session  SUN  March 13th   4-5 years old class(Learning World WELCOME YELLOW)

3rd session   SUN March 27th    5-6 years old class (Learning World WELCOME BLUE)

4th session    SUN  April 3rd    Elementary school (1-3 grade) (Learning World BOOK1)


【TIME】  21:00~23:00 ※All these workshops will be on Zoom

* Zoom ID will be sent to your email two days prior to the event. (Friday)
* Please attend the workshop from your pc or tablet (Smartphones are not recommended)



■Fees:1,980yen (including tax) per session

■Discount for all of the 4 sessions  6,600yen (including tax) SAVE 1,320yen

  *Event footage will be also available (3-day access)

*Please note that some scenes of the footage may be edited due to privacy control.


APRICOT Mate and Learning World Certified Schools

This event is eligible for Mate Coupon! (Please check your coupon on Mate LINE)

Members price:1,320yen per event or   4,400yen for 4 sessions

※Please use your Mate Coupon Code on the payment page.


Welcome to the Learning World series! Here are your samples!

★Thank you for being interested in the Learning World coursebook!

For teachers who have not used the Learning World series in the past, we are offering a sample set (set of 4 books)! (Limited number)

※Please fill『Request for the sample set』in the message form when you apply for the event.


【Sample set will be sent after March 3rd.】

・If you are applying for the 1st session (March 6th), please apply for the event and place your payment by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, March 1st. (February 28th for Convenient Store payment (Convini-Kessai)

・Please note that if your payment was placed after March 2nd, the sample textbooks will be sent after the workshop.


Already have the Learning World textbooks?

Please get your textbooks ready for the workshop!


◎Join the workshop and get your 20% Discount Coupon for our online store!


【20%OFF Coupon can be used as many times as you like!

The coupon is available until Friday, April 22, 2022 

Your coupon will be sent to your email address within 3 days after your payment is placed. Once you receive your coupon, all products at e-APRICOT store will be 20% off until April 22.

★The coupon is eligible for products only (Workshop / event fees are excluded from the discount)


Apply For this event



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