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Bridge Updater *Current Version: 1.0.5

2018/3/9 [Ver 1.0.5]
・ New drawing tool (adjust pen tip size & color, eraser size, and clear all)
・ STEP 16 Listening Test No. 1 corrected audio
2017/10/31 [Ver 1.0.4]
・ STEPs 8, 9, 10, 11, 14: able to pause the audio in the “Let’s get started using…” Task
2017/6/2 [Ver 1.0.1]
・ STEP 5: the numbers 1-10 are added to the picture in the “Let’s get started using…” Task

Running the Bridge Updater

Double click on the icon for the Bridge Updater.
* There’s no problem if you click on the icon more than once.

Note about updating:
・ The updater will display 「ダウンロード中・・・」(downloading) until it completes.
・ The download can take up to 3-4 minutes for a large update.
・ When the download is complete the updater will display
「Bridgeのアップデートが完了しました」(Bridge update is complete).
・ Please wait patiently for the update to complete, and do not move and click the mouse or trackpad.
* If it appears that the software update has not completed, please click on the Bridge Updater icon once again to confirm your version.


Online Sample of Digital Materials STEPs 1~5

Online sample program requirements:
・ OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 or Mac OS-X (not currently supported on mobile devices)
・ Memory: 2 GB
・ Web Browser: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11
・ Display of at least 1024×768 pixels (a smaller display monitor may cut off part of the program window)

* It takes around 2 minutes to load the online sample page. When you are finished, just close the window.

* Before using the sample, please see the information below about icons for navigating the digital materials!

BRIDGE Digital Online Sample
Click here to open the sample of STEPs 1~5 in a new window

If you are experiencing problems with the online sample software, please clear your browser cache. You can find information on how to clear your browser cache on the wikiHow page: 8 Ways to Clear Your Browser Cache.

Digital Icons Key

A useful quick reference of the Digital Materials icons.

digital icons

Digital Materials by Section

This shows some of the basic functions that are standard for each section of the STEP/Digital Materials.

digital by sections


Digital Materials: Variations of “Let’s get started using…” Pre-Tasks

The Pre-Tasks and Tasks activities have the greatest variety in the Digital Materials. This shows the icons and procedures of some of the variations.

digital pretasks
BRIDGE Digital Materials PDF

NEW Writing Tool!!  *Available from update 1.0.5

Bridge writing tool
New features:

  • Can change pen tip size
  • Can erase individual characters/lines
  • Can choose from 6 colors
  • Can erase the whole page with one click

Great for brainstorming, giving and correcting answers, and explanations.

Let's Write section

Can use to draw attention to key points and to expand. For example:

“Draw a triangle around the girl in front of the house.”

Task expansion 1

“Draw a purple heart under the tree.”

Task expansion 2

How to use Digital Materials:

★ Different options for displaying the BRIDGE Digital Materials in class

★ How to install the BRIDGE Digital Materials (in Japanese)

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