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Sticker Chart Limited Edition


The limited-edition sets are selling fast! Don’t miss out on the first-press edition set with Gold Stickers!


    More Classroom items for teachers!

    ▶English (Sticker Chart)  ▶English (Homework Card)


    ◆Sticker Chart (Starter Set) 

    3 EXTRAS! 

    Sticker Chart: A4 size  40 copies 
    【3 Extras!】
    – 1. World Map: A1 Size・594×841mm  (with 42 country flags)
    – 2. 12mm Stickers
    – 3. Flag Sticker Chart 30 Question


    Global Education+Attendance records by following the chart!


    Children will be interested in travelling worldwide every time they go to the English class!

    Which country would you like to visit? 


    “Sticker Chart” is not for attendance records only, but for additional fun in the learning process too♪

    “What country are you in now?” “Where will you go next?”

    Give a sticker per lesson, an extra one for special occasions like birthdays or exams!


    Also works to prevent a slump during a lesson!


    ★★First -Press exclusive edition set (limited to a 1,000 sets)★


    Explore the World!


     EXTRA #1.World Map 

    ”Explore the World” MAP  
    World map with 42 country flags!


    42 country flags are printed at the bottom of the map💛


    EXTRA #2. 12mm Gold stickers 

    Sticker details here


    EXTRA #3. Flag Sticker Chart 30 Questions


    The list of 30 questions with answers for the Chat Time!


    ・What country are you in now?

    ・Where will you go next?

    ・What flag is before Jamaica?

    ・What flag has a big red circle?

    ・How many flags are red and white?

    ・Which country flag has a leaf in it?

    ・Which flag has a big yellow star? etc


    The first-press limited edition set includes:
    ●World Map -Travel around the World (A1 size , 594×841㎜)
    ●Flag Sticker Chart 30 Questions List
    Gold Stickers (12mm/250 pieces/equivalent to 506yen) 
    *World Map is not sold individually.
    Gold Stickers

      ◆Sticker Chart Additional(set of 20)

      Additional 20 Sticker Charts(set of 20)
      1 chart covers 1 student for the whole school year.
      Price:1,000yen + tax
      ISBN 978-4-89991-614-7
      *World Map is not included


        Sticker Chart “Around the World”


        English learning can take time for Students(=Ss)to feel concrete results. A sticker chart helps Ss see their efforts in a tangible way, giving them motivation at times when it may be lacking.
        As a private English school teacher, I give a sticker just for coming to class as Ss often come tired after a long day at school. A sticker should never be the main motivation of coming to lessons. Remember that learning should always fun and rewarding in itself, however stickers are always fun especially when you are travelling around the world!

        About the Chart

        There are 42 flags;
        The chart is designed to visit various regions around the world;
        Country names are in both English and Japanese;
        It is made from durable paper and fun to use. (Follow the dotted lines!)


        Chart Usage in YELLOW HOUSE (By Kierryn sensei)

        ・I give a sticker just for attendance;

        ・I give double stickers(2) for birthdays (to all students in the class not just the birthday student);

        ・I give 5 stickers for students who take the Eiken test (even if they fail);

        ・I don’t give extra stickers for any other reason- this way the sticker keeps its value (You can decide when to give a sticker);

        ・I give stickers at the end of the class and it is placed under each flag;

        ・At the end of the chart, I give a small reward- never anything expensive- but more token. I then give the child another chart- and their trip starts all over again!

        About the World Map

        This map has been created for all levels elementary school Ss who are using “Around the World Sticker Chart” and speak Japanese as their first language, however are not yet fluent readers of English.
        The map has been created to:
        1. be large and visually stimulating, yet also provide real information about the world in which the Ss live;
        2. provide enough information to Ss to encourage self-learning about other countries and cultures outside of class time;
        3. encourage Ss to want to “see or visit other countries when they grow up”;
        4. list major cities that are on the news or in elementary and junior high school English textbooks and assist in Ss understanding where these places are in relation to Japan;
        5. foster an interest in English language learning;
        6. be used as a wipe free map (can be written on with a whiteboard marker) ;
        7. show a different style of map to which they may be accustomed to seeing (Japan is not in the middle);

        Using “Explore the World” Map in English “Small Talk”or“Chit Chat” activities.

        This map has been designed to have strong focus on colorful pictures and drawings that trigger interest in children about the world around them. Teachers can use this interest as a conversation starter, or a warm-up for English conversation. It is for this reason that the map should be displayed in place where it is easily seen by Ss.
        We can use the map as a starter for “Where do you want to go?” style topics and gradually expand the conversation to places they have visited, foods they have tried and other personal experiences. Another teaching strategy would be choosing one picture or detail on the map and use the internet to help explore the topic in English with Ss. This provides visual stimuli to Ss while filling in any comprehension gaps that may be experienced with any new topics visited. For weekly English classes, teachers should always revisit the same topic the following week to help concrete new learning and vocabulary.

        Topic Examples:
        ・Whales/ sharks/ dolphins – types, what they eat, where they live, etc.
        ・The Northern Lights: Where you can see them, best time of year, different colors, etc.
        ・Cruise Ship: Cruise ships from around the world, famous cruise ships and what they look like inside, features, etc.
        ・Clocks: study time zones using the play clocks and different cities names, etc.
        ・Pirates: Look up famous pirates on the internet, both fiction and non-fiction!


        Manage your students’ homework!


        Simple and manageable! Shorten in-class time! 


        ★★Homework contents ★☑Checkbox for guardians and teachers ★Forgotten items sections
        This product was inspired by Kierryn sensei who is a master of teaching using the Learning World coursebook!


        ◆Homework Card  Starter set with a poster (set of 40)

        Starter Set
        set of 40 with a poster
        1,800 yen + tax

        ➡Shop online


        Homework Card 



        Children will be able to easily fill in homework categories

        and understand what homework needs to be done.
        Recommended for Elementary school students!


        【Extras】4 Stages Poster for Listening Homework

        42cm×59.4cm (A2 size)

        4 stages for Listening and practice at home


        Children will be able to manage their own homework.


        Put this poster in your classroom and let your students think about which stage they are at.

        This poster helps children to understand what homework needs to need to be done.


        *This poster is not sold individually.


          ◆Homework Card  Additional set of 20


          1,000yen + tax
          ➡Shop online
          4 Stages Poster is not included.
          *2 cards per student for one school year


          This product was inspired by Kierryn sensei, the presenter of the Learning World Skill-Up Seminar (October 2020 – March 2021).


          This card has been made to systemize the recording of homework and assist teachers, guardians and students with homework management.


          ★About the poster  (recorded on January 31, 2021)


          ★About Homework Card (recorded on January 31, 2021)


          ★About the poster  Part 2 (Recorded on February 21)




          【Planner of this product】Kierry Bowring (Yellow House, Ishikawa)

          He has been teaching using the Learning World series since he established his school in 2005. He is a teacher with a great knowledge of the English-language-education system in Japan,  over 300 students take lessons at his school.

          He has experienced teaching with all Learning World textbooks and his seminars about his teaching ideas are suitable for Japanese children and are always well received. He presented the Learning World Skill-Up seminar (5 sessions) to 720 participants in total, from October 2020 to March 2021.

          In Spring 2021, a new project “Classroom Solution” was announced to introduce useful items that can be used as teaching aids.


          Classroom Solutions Line up
          product code Product name ISBN price
          NEW 230042 Sticker Chart the first press exclusive set (set of 40) 978-4-89991-616-1 2,200
          NEW 60540 Sticker Chart Additional set(set of 20) 978-4-89991-614-7 1,100
          NEW 60531 Homework Card  Starter set with a poster (set of 40) 978-4-89991-613-0 1,980
          NEW 60530 Homework Card Additional set (set of 20) 978-4-89991-612-3 1,100
          60280 Gold Stickers(12mm) 978-4-89991-494-5 506
          60300 Award Stickers (Gold) (240 stickers) 978-4-89991-431-0 880
          60290 Award Stickers (Blue) (240 stickers) 978-4-89991-436-5 880
          60360 Award Stickers (Bicolor: Blue/Gold) (240 stickers) 978-4-89991-905-6 880
          60510 Homework Stamp 978-4-89991-454-9 4,950


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