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Vol. 1 Picture Book Workbooks: How to Use Them

The core activities in the Picture Book Workbooks serve different purposes:

    1. Say the names and words for the characters and items that appear in the picture book
    2. Use sight reading to figure out how to color certain pictures
    3. Write the story by tracing the words and sentences in the four ruled lines


Writing out the story in English is also a core reading activity, so this activity is recommended for students who have studied English for at least 2 years, or are in the second grade or higher of elementary school.
With younger students, the teacher could have just one workbook and copy only the coloring pages for the students. Start coloring the pages together in class, but if it is taking too much class time, have the students complete the coloring activity at home.

Introducing pages from one workbook!!

One workbook has 16 pages, including different activities, like connecting items with lines and coloring. Some of the activities are cross-curricular, including some simple math or science.

The full text from the picture book is written out on ruled lines for students to trace!

“Language Learned in this Picture Book”「この絵本でならうこと」is a good page to show to parents.

The Japanese translation of the story is useful for parents who want to know about the story!

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