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Vol. 2 WELCOME to LW YELLOW: Find the Penguins!

WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW is popular with preschool-age children because of its catchy chants and songs. Students often remember them all the way into junior high school! But there are many small details which make the book even more appealing to children. Do you know what they are? When children first discover some of them, they get pretty excited.

                               Ahh! There’s a penguin here!

In this text, penguins can be found on every 2-page spread. Let’s find the penguins!
But maybe you should not point out the penguins when your first give the students the textbook. Wait until you have done a few units to point it out. Some classes just want to spend the entire class searching for the penguins, and then what happens to your lesson!? Be careful!

◆Special◆ In Unit 4, students sing a color song, but remembering the order of the colors can be hard, right? Well, look at the colors of the balloons… The balloons are grouped according to the order of the colors in the song!
♪Orange,blue, green and pink, brown, yellow, black and red…

At one school in Osaka, students looked and looked at this page. They figured out the order of the balloons all by themselves. Wow!

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