WELCOME to L.W. PINK (2nd) Student Book
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    March 31, 2021 Release!

2nd edition released on March 31 2021
Changes for LW Pink

【Background to the revision】
After 20 years of patronage since the first edition was published in 2001, we were forced to abandon the reprinting of the current edition simply because the original printing technology (reprinting with film printing) is no longer physically possible.
We apologize for the delay in informing teachers.


Target age

3-5 years old
FLOW CHART per grade PDF1枚

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto
A4 / color / 40 pages / Arts & Crafts included
*Audio CD is sold separately


・One of the most popular songs “Say Hello”
2 different versions of the popular greeting song “Say Hello” (Full version and a short version)

▼Each Unit begins with a scene picture and song/chant to follow in the next 2 pages.


・There is a dog and a cat on each page of the PINK book.
The position of the penguin figurine changed in the 2nd edition.

Unit 7-A Chant is a little bit slower in the 2nd edition, also some words have been changed.

Unit 7-A Print

Unit 10-B in two facing pages in the 2nd edition.

Unit 10-B Print

・100 Words in PINK 2nd edition

No changes in the appendix.

This Student Book comes with Arts & Crafts


Ideas for the Songs and the Chants for PINK

  • Unit 1 Time to Wake Up

  • Unit 1 Say Hello

  • Unit 1 Say Hello 2

  • Unit 2 Time to Have Breakfast

  • Unit 2 Breakfast bbb

  • Unit 2 Pease Porridge Hot

  • Unit 2 This is the Way

  • Unit 2 This is the Way(option)

  • Unit 3 Time to Wash Clothes

  • Unit 3 Papa’s Shirt, Mama’s shirt

  • Unit 3 Action Colors

  • Unit 4 Time to Play

  • Unit 4 Seesaw

  • Unit 4 Jump Jump Jump

  • Unit 4 Ten Little Children

  • Unit 5 Time to Have Lunch

  • Unit 5 Wash the Dishes

  • Unit 6 Time to Go Shopping

  • Unit 6 What’s in the Cart?

  • Unit 6 Roll that Red Ball

  • Unit 6 Let’s Go Round the Sun

  • Unit 7 Time to Go Home

  • Unit 7 Let’s Go Walking

  • Unit 7 Let’s Go Walking

  • Unit 7 The Wheels on the Bus

  • Unit 8 Time to Clean Up

  • Unit 8 Put Away

  • Unit 8 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

  • Unit 8 Time to Take a Bath

  • Unit 8 Wash Myself

  • Unit 8 Pajamas Song

  • Unit 9 Time to Go to Bed

  • Unit 10 I Love My Family

  • Unit 10 Stop Crying


Learning together with parents at home
  • Mikiko Nakamoto, the author of Learning World, advocates that 3-5 years old children and their parents learn together at home with this textbook. Enjoy the learning process by communicating in English at home, before English becomes one of the subjects to study at school.


◆For Teachers using Learning World

Usage and Methods


◆Textbook / Arts & Crafts / Certificate o Achievement
(No Progress Report in PINK)
▼Picture Books suitable with PINK textbook

Tiny BoppersA Beautiful ButterflyA Teddy BearTime to Wake Up!What's in the Cart?Whose Shirt?


▼Learning World PINK product lineup:

For Students

WELCOME to Learning World PINK (2nd Edition) textbook
Welcome to Learning World PINK テキスト ISBN:978-4-89991-480-8
WELCOME to Learning World PINK (2nd Edition) Audio CD
Welcome to Learning World PINK 生徒用CD ISBN:978-4-89991-481-5

For Teachers

WELCOME to Learning World PINK (2nd Edition) Teacher’s Manual (Full Colour Edition)
Welcome to Learning World PINK 指導書 From March 2022
The guidance book is now in colour!
ISBN: 978-4-89991-588-1
Price: 3,500 yen
*Change to colour printing and price change
WELCOME to Learning World PINK (2nd Edition) Audio CD
PICTURE CARDS PINK ISBN:978-4-89991-460-0
PINK KYOGU+Dialogue Cards
PINK KYOGU+ Dialogue Cards ISBN:978-4-89991-906-3
PINK Teacher’s Pack Save 2,500yen!
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