WELCOME to Learning World PINK Teacher's Manual w/Class CD
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    Teacher's Manual and Class CD set

WELCOME to Learning World PINK Class CD and Teacher’s Manual Set!
Materials for teachers to use in class with WELCOME to Learning World PINK. The CD includes all of the chants, songs, dialogues and karaoke versions to use in class. Teacher’s Manual has bilingual instructions for how to use the materials, including gestures for the songs and chants.


■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto


Teacher’s Manual: A4 size / 60 pages / bilingual / includes photocopiable sheets


CD: 1 CD / 73 minutes, 3 seconds / 89 tracks
89 tracks include: 29 chants (including “Hang-in-there” vocabulary chants)/ 12 songs / 13 karaoke tracks
※Class CD only for sale with the Teacher’s Manual. Not sold separately.


Teacher’s Manual includes:
  • Small thumbnails of the Student Book pages
  • Words for all of the songs and chants on the Class CD
  • Gestures for the songs and chants
  • Instructions for how to do the activities
  • Details for how to teach the page
  • “Arts & Crafts” instructions
  • Photocopiable pages for certain activities
  • Photocopiable “Hang-in-there” vocabulary pages

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