【No longer available】WELCOME to Learning World PINK Student CD
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    Fun song and chants to listen to in the car and at home

The Student CD for the WELCOME to Learning World PINK Student Book.

This CD includes fun songs, chants and dialogues from the Student Book. The songs are sung by children so children feel that they can relate more to the songs. It is intended that each child have their own CD so they can listen to it outside of class. A great resource for helping children improve their listening skills and remember the English they have used in class.


■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto


  • CD time: 40 minutes, 11 seconds / 41 tracks
  • 41 tracks include: 19 chants, 12 songs, 170 words (divided into 10 categories)



  • PINK Student CD includes: Say Hello, The Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Color Song, and other fun songs for kids to sing along with.
  • PINK Student CD includes the vocabulary chants to go with the “Hang-in-there” posters, which have photocopiable coloring sheets in the Teacher’s Manual.
  • The Student CD does NOT contain the karaoke versions of the songs. The karaoke versions are available on the Teacher’s CD which is packaged with the Teacher’s Manual.

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