WELCOME to L.W. PINK (2nd) Teacher's Manual (Full Color Edition)
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    Launching on 1 March 2022, the full-colour version of the instruction booklet for 2nd Edition is now available!

The PINK textbook will be released on 1 March 2022.
When the PINK textbook was replaced by the 2nd Edition on 31 March 2021, the teaching content itself remained unchanged and the 1st Edition was used as the teacher’s book, but on 1 March 2022, a new teacher’s book for the 2nd Edition will be available. On 1 March 2022. The pictures in the 2nd Edition text are now in color and easier to read.

The audio is sold separately; teachers who teach with PINK should use the PINK Audio CD.

★If you are new to PINK, please purchase the “Teacher’s Pack” (which contains all the items for teachers).
From 2 April 2021, the PINK Audio CD will be sold separately from the Teacher’s Pack. If you would like to purchase the PINK Audio CD separately, please purchase the PINK Audio CD with the book.

■Written by Mikiko Nakamoto

◆Instruction: 72 pages, full color, A4 size, with copy sheets at the end, bilingual.


Contents of the guidance book
  • The reduced version of the text
  • Script of the Audio CD
  • Action diagrams for songs and chants
  • Activity descriptions
  • Specific instructions for each page
  • How to teach Arts & Crafts
  • Useful notes and explanations
  • Copy sheets at the end of the book
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Items for students

WELCOME to Learning World PINK (2nd Edition) Text
Welcome to Learning World PINK テキスト ISBN:978-4-89991-480-8
Price: ¥1,700
WELCOME to Learning World PINK (2nd Edition) Audio CD
Welcome to Learning World PINK 生徒用CD ISBN:978-4-89991-481-5
Price: ¥1,100

Items for teachers

WELCOME to Learning World PINK (2nd Edition) Teacher’s Manual(Full color version)
Welcome to Learning World PINK 指導書 From March 2022
The guidance book is now in colour!
ISBN: 978-4-89991-588-1
Price: 3,500 yen
*Change to color printing / price change
WELCOME to Learning World PINK (2nd Edition) Audio CD
Price: ¥1,100
PICTURE CARDS PINK (With scene picture poster and CD)
PICTURE CARDS PINK ISBN:978-4-89991-460-0
Price: ¥5,200
PINK KYOGU+Dialogue Cards
PINK KYOGU+ Dialogue Cards ISBN:978-4-89991-906-3
Price: ¥5,500
PINK (2nd Edition) Teacher’s Pack(TMFull color version) Save 1,300 yen compared to buying separately


Pack of items for teachers.
March 2022 – The content instruction booklet changes to a color version.
ISBN: 978-4-89991-589-8
Body price: 14,000 yen
*Price change

Learning World student CDs are now available as an app.

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