WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW 【1st.】 Student Book 【no longer available】
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    Filled with fun chants, songs and activities! Great for after PINK, or early elementary

Learn English through fun songs, chants and simple dialogues! The level and amount of material makes YELLOW a perfect picture-based textbook for kindergarten through elementary school second grade. You cannot go wrong with this all-time favorite! By the way, can you find all the penguins?
Main characters: Jenny (6 years old) & Tomoya (5 years old)


Preschool children who have finished WELCOME to Learning World PINK.
Children from 6 to 9 years old who are studying English for the first time.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

A4 size / Full color / 40 pages / attached “My Book”
※Student CD sold separately

    • The coursebook has 10 units. One unit is 4 pages. Each spread of 2 pages is full color, includes songs & chants, and a dialogue between Tomoya and Jenny. You should spend 2 weeks on one 2-page spread.
      Through simple dialogues, songs, and chants, students learn and become comfortable using everyday language. Topics covered are: Greetings, Numbers, Family, Colors, Body Parts, Alphabet, Animals, Food, Playground, & TPR.

      • Comes with attached “My Book”, used to practice and personalize the songs and chants!
        Students can color, draw pictures, and write information to personalize the book and make it completely theirs! The book is made from A4 size paper which is cut once and folded into eighths. (There is 1 “My Book” per unit, for a total of 10.)
        My FRIEND Book / My NUMBERS Book / My FAMILY Book / My COLOR Book / My BODY Book / My ALPHABET Book / MY FARM ANIMAL Book / My FAVORITE Book / My MONKEYS Book / I like ME.

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