★WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW 【2nd】Class CDs
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    WELCOME YELLOW [2nd] Class CDs (2 audio discs for teachers) *Disc 1 is text-based and 94 tracks, Disc 2 is all karaoke (38 tracks in total).

Released 15 April 2022. Set of 2 CDs for teachers.

■ Supervised by Mikiko Nakamoto

For those who say “…I still prefer to use CDs for audio!” For Teacher CDs (2 Class CDs in a tall case) will continue to be available.

The new YELLOW Class CDs include all 94 tracks of the text on the first CD. The second CD is a supplemental CD with karaoke tracks for all chants.

The content previously available only on the Teacher’s CD and the CD content of the compliant YELLOW CARDS cards has been consolidated in this revision, and all the audio necessary for teaching has been re-edited.


Prologue(Scene-by-scene introduction)➡ Songs/ Chants ➡ Short Dialogue  ➡ Words, in the order of units.


【1st CD】

YELLOW Contains all the audio required to teach the text (94 tracks: total length 59 minutes). Each audio number printed in the text can be used in the lesson.



Skip to My Friend/ Good Morning/ One Apple, Two Apples/ Happy Birthday/ Father Finger/ This is My Father/ My Favorite Color/ Something Green/ One Little Finger/ With My Eyes/ Action Alphabet/ The ABC Song/ Clap You Hands with Alphabet/ A Dog is Marching/ Open the Window/ Do You Know Jenny?/ I Like Hamburgers/ Five Little Monkeys/ Seesaw/ Swimming Swimming/ Weather Song/ Stand up. Turn Around/ Let’s Go Walking (Yellow version)


【2nd CD】

Includes karaoke and rhythms for all units’ songs and chants. Appendix: 4-word rhythm patterns, songs at the beginning and end of the lesson、The Days of the Week/ Twelve Months of the Year/ London Bridge/ Humpty Dumpty (38 tracks: Total time approx. 42 mins), also includes karaoke.


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