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    The 4 MUST-HAVE items for teaching YELLOW, available at a bargain price!


A bargain pack including the teacher’s materials needed for using YELLOW!


[Teacher’s Manual with CD] [Kyogu Teacher’s Materials] [Picture Cards with CD] [30 Lesson Plans for Young Learners] are included in this Teacher’s Pack.

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 WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW Teacher’s Pack is a package with 4 items!

[30 Lesson Plans for Young Learners] is perfect for daycares or preschools with English classes taught by native speakers. It contains a year-long syllabus that can easily be used and adjusted based on the number of classes!
y30l3  y30l   Compared to buying the items individually, the Teacher’s Pack is a 13% discount!


Teacher’s items:
1. Teacher’s Manual with Teacher’s CD
2. Yellow Kyogu Teacher’s Materials (12 Activities)

4. 30 Lesson Plans for Young Learners
5. Letter to parents/guardians explaining the one-year syllabus

★★★Recommended for Teachers Using Learning World★★★

Learning World Classroom Kit

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Learning World Classroom Kit

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