【 End of sale】Learning World 1 (2nd Edition) Student Book
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    Series best seller! Textbook for elementary school 1st to 3rd graders.

The essence of a Learning World lesson:

  1. “Use” English in each lesson! Start with Communication Activities!
    Children start each lesson with a Communication Activity, having fun while using English.
  2. Fun and effective way to get good results!
    Children can easily remember the target sentences through the chants. This allows you to spend less time on practicing the target language.
  3. Share your own ideas with others. Share ideas together.
    Think of your own ideas and make a presentation using language you’ve learned. Oral Presentation has three main goals: ・Become able to think of your own ideas. ・Express your ideas to others in a presentation. ・Learn to listen to and accept the ideas of others.

Designed to use one book for one year. There are 10 units per book. One lesson is a 2-page spread so it’s easy to see what you want to accomplish in each lesson. Each unit is 4 lessons (3 in the book, with the 4th lesson being review), so you can cover one unit in one month.


Lower elementary school students who have finished WELCOME YELLOW and/or BLUE.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

Size A4 / Full color / 72 pages / Attached Progress Sheets & Certificate of Completion

Left pages: chants, dialogues, poems, and words exercises.
Right pages: Communication Activities, self-expression, songs, listening tests, and phonics activities.

Learn daily expressions, animals, friends, numbers, times, family, other cultures, etc.
・ The present tense using the verbs “like”, “have”, “want”, “go”, and “live”.
・ “Be” verbs.
・ Making requests using “can” and “may”.

The textbook contains some writing, but there is more writing of words and simple sentences using ruled lines in the workbook.

★ Main characters: Jamie (7 years old), Jamie’s family, his friend Sara

■Learning World 1 Components

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