Learning World 2 (2nd Edition) Student Book
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    Series number 2 top seller! Textbook for elementary school 3rd to 4th graders.

The Learning World series uses Achievement Targets and built-in review to help students remember and consolidate language. The textbooks cover similar topics and language, gradually adding new vocabulary, new grammar, and longer, more complicated structures. This language spiral allows children to approach new language with confidence.

Learning World 2 has 10 units, with three double-page lessons and fourth review lesson per unit.


Students who have finished Learning World 1.

Left pages: chants, dialogues, poems, stories, and words exercises.
Right pages: Communication Activities, self-expression, songs, listening tests, and reading activities.

Language covered includes: adjectives, verbal phrases, big numbers, times, seasons, school subjects, prepositions, other cultures, etc.
・Questions using “May I …”, “Shall I …”, and “Will you …”.
・”Who” and “which”
・Adverbs of frequency (always, usually)

Content aimed at children in mid to upper elementary school. Full of chants, songs, and activities to appeal to this age group. Also, has short stories. Guaranteed to keep students interested!
In this level, little by little, students begin to write more.

★ Main characters:  Mark (9, Canada), Yumi (Japan), Min (China), Nelson (Brazil), Ema (France)

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