Learning World 3 (2nd Edition) Student Book
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    Series number 3 top seller! Textbook for elementary school 4th to 6th graders.

The content of Learning World 3 is written to reflect the independence and rebellion of children at this age. The activities are designed to work with their growing interest in the world around them. Book 3 introduces more writing practice, more chances for children to express their own opinions and thoughts.

Language covered includes: there is/are, plural form for irregular nouns, future using “will”, past tense, “wh-” questions and answers, prepositions, comparatives, superlatives, etc.

Left pages: chants, dialogues, short passages, stories, and words exercises.
Right pages: Communication Activities, self-expression, songs, listening tests, and reading activities.

Designed to use one book for one year. There are 10 units per book. One lesson is a 2-page spread so it’s easy to see what you want to accomplish in each lesson. Each unit is 4 lessons (3 in the book, with the 4th lesson being review), so you can cover one unit in one month.


・Children who have studied Learning World 2 and/or READY for Learning World
・Students who have studied English for 4-5 years with other materials
・English covered is about junior high 1st ~ 2nd grade

Did you know?

Most series have a lot of users at the lower levels, but start to lose users by the second or third book. Learning World Book 3 maintains popularity in the Learning World series. One reason for this is the author, Mikiko Nakamoto. She says that teaching students at the upper elementary school level is the most fun! Learning World 3 is based on her over 20 years of experience teaching students at this age and level.

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