Learning World 3 (2nd Edition) Class CD
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    Set of 2 CDs with ALL the audio for Book 3

Audio CD for in-class use has all of the tracks. 2 discs.
Class CD track numbers are shown in the Teacher’s Manual (CD-ROM) to make it easy to use in class!
※The track numbers in the Student Book correspond to the Student CD.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • 2 discs / CD time: 120 minutes / 196 tracks

What is the difference between the Student CD and the Class CD?

The Class CD contains ALL of the audio. The Student CD contains selected tracks from the Class CD, so that students can practice at home.
★Items only on the Class CD:

  • Dialogues
  • “Repeat” dialogues
  • Chants
  • Rhythms only ★
  • Songs
  • Songs karaoke versions ★
  • Listening tests ★
  • Words said to rhythm
  • Communication Activity sample dialogues ★
  • Phonics ★

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