READY for Learning World (2nd Edition) Student Book
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    8 more pages of text! Minor changes

2nd edition with additional 8 pages!


◆Changes in the textbook

The target age in the 2nd edition is set lower:  All elementary schools in Japan started English lessons from the 3rd grade and there are no more 4th-grade beginner students in elementary schools. READY for Learning World (2nd edition) has additional phonics and reading topics and its target is set for 3rd-grade students in the 2nd edition.

Please read: Changes from the 1st edition  for more information


■Author: Mikiko Nakamoto
■A4 / 64 pages



READY for Learning World was designed differently from Learning World 1 – 3. LW 1 – 3 are based on grammatical structures, while READY is based on situational themes. Because of its unique design, it is appropriate for students of different ages and levels.

31. READY: “On the School Ground”
32. READY: “My House” (page 33)(Insights from Matthew’s Classroom)

Can be used as:

・An introductory textbook for students from 8 to 9 years old who are studying English for the first time.
・A step-up book for students who have finished Learning World 1.
・A review book for students who have finished LW 2, but are not ready to move onto LW 3.
・A supplementary text for students who are using LW 1, 2, 3.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

● Size A4 / Full color / 64 pages / With attached Name Card and Certification of Completion

Designed to use one book for one year. There are 10 units per book. One lesson is a 2-page spread so it’s easy to see what you want to accomplish in each lesson. Each unit is 4 lessons (3 in the book, with the 4th lesson being review), so you can cover one unit in one month.

◆ Each unit is broken down into lessons A, B, and C (Example: Unit6) ◆
A: A large, colorful picture from children’s daily lives, and a dialogue which is likely to occur in each situation is written on the right page. The simple melody of the vocabulary song at the bottom of the page will help students build up their vocabulary.
B: Left page: Two more dialogues with the new words which may appear in the scene at the bottom of the page. Right page: A listening test and phonics.
C: Left page: A chant to help students understand the main dialogue from the unit. By practicing the chant, the dialogue can be easily practiced. Right page: A scene from the daily lives of four children from four different countries, with a space for students to draw a corresponding scene from their own lives.

★ Main characters: Kaetlyn (9, Canada), Eric (9, Mexico), Tian (10, China), Kanjana (10, Thailand)

■ READY for Learning World Components!

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