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    Teacher's Manual and Class CD set

Detailed notes for how to teach each page in the Student Book, including activities, notes, review, introduction, and the track numbers and scripts for the attached Class CD.
* The back of the Teacher’s Manual has photocopiable activity sheets and Dialogue Cards which are great for reviewing the dialogues!

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

◆ Teacher’s Manual: 86 pages / Size: A4 / 2 colors / Photocopiable Sheets
◆ Class CD: 1 disc / CD time: 73 minutes, 10 seconds
Includes: Dialogues / Vocabulary songs / Chants / Listening Tests / Phonics / Self-expression page audio


What is the difference between the Class CD and the Student CD?

The Class CD contains ALL of the audio tracks. The Student CD contains selected tracks from the Class CD. It is intended that each student have a Student CD for listening and practicing at home.


Reprint number 6 from May 10, 2010

In 2010, we made a slight revision to the Teacher’s Manual before reprint number 6. From this reprint, there are two additions made to the material in the back of the Teacher’s Manual.
1. Questions List. This is a Questions List like the ones that were made for the new editions of Learning World 1, 2, and 3. You can use the Questions List at the beginning of class to review language already learned and warm up the class.
2. Phonics Cards. There are now photocopiable Phonics Cards.
For teachers who have a previous reprint version of the Teacher’s Manual, you can download the files here:

>> READY Questions List
>> Phonics Cards A~Z Photocopiable Sheet

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