【No longer available】READY for Learning World(1st )Student CD
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    Students practice listening and repeating English at home

The Student CD that goes with READY for Learning World! It contains all 30 dialogues from the student book and the vocabulary songs.
Every student should have their own CD so they can listen to it for homework.
The Student CD track numbers are written in the Student Book!

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • 1 disc / CD time: 46 minutes, 58 seconds / 72 tracks
  • 72 tracks include:
    Vocabulary songs / Dialogues / Chants / Words (said to a fun rhythm), phonics
What is the difference between the Student CD and the Class CD?
    ★There is some content that is ONLY available on the Class CD, meant for the teacher to use in class.
  • Student CD Contents:
    Vocabulary songs / Dialogues / Chants / Words / Phonics
  • Class CD Contents:
    Vocabulary songs / Dialogues / Chants / Words / Phonics
    Conversation from the “picture” page ★
    Audio for the speeches on the last page of the unit ★
    Listening Tests ★
Vocabulary Songs from READY

♪Color & Number song
♪Greeting song
♪Hello song
♪The Days of the Week
♪Action song
♪Feeling song
♪Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
♪Weather song
♪Family song
♪Twelve Months of the Year

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