Learning World for Tomorrow Teacher's Manual w/Class CD(1st Edition)
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    Teacher's Manual and Class CD set

Detailed notes for how to teach each page in the Student Book! It has details for how to do the activities, lesson aims and key sentences so teachers can easily grasp the focus of the lesson, notes, and the track numbers and scripts for the attached Class CD.
* The back of the Teacher’s Manual has photocopiable activity sheets and Grammar Cards which are great for reviewing the target language!

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

◆ Teacher’s Manual: 80 pages / Size: A4 / 2 colors / Photocopiable Sheets
◆ Class CD: 2 discs
CD 1: CD time: 74 minutes, 2 seconds / includes all of the audio material for teaching lessons
CD 2: CD time: 18 minutes, 4 seconds / includes 10 Listening Tests

What is the difference between the Class CD and the Student CD?

The Class CD is 2 discs. The second Class CD contains the Listening Tests, which are only on the Class CD. The Student CD contains selected tracks from the Class CD for students to practice and listen to at home.

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