【No longer available】Learning World for Tomorrow WORKBOOK w/CD(1st Edition)
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    1st Edition:Workbook comes with a CD to practice listening for the Step Test (Level 4) Replaced by 2nd Edition.

The “Listening Homework” and “Let’s Try” sections help students prepare for the Step Test (Eiken) level 4. Tasks to read simple non-fiction are presented in the “Let’s Read” section. This workbook provides a comprehensive review and practice of grammar, vocabulary, listening, extensive reading, and self-expression. Grammar explanations are introduced with cute manga-style illustrations, making it possible to use this workbook for self-study. You can improve listening skills with the attached audio CD. The vocabulary and grammar explanations give students a language framework that can help upper elementary and junior high students understand English more easily and improve their proficiency.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • Size: A4 / Black & White / 56 pages / Answer key / Attached audio CD

What is the Learning World for Tomorrow Workbook?

It covers: be verbs, general verbs, interrogatives, possessive pronouns, some/any, there is/there are, shall we/shall I/will you, present tense, past tense, comparatives, superlatives, present perfect tense

How are the Workbook CD and the Student CD different?
  • The Learning World for Tomorrow Student CD has the chants and dialogues that go with the Student Book.
  • The Workbook CD has the Eiken-style listening homework which is found in the Workbook.

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