Learning World for Tomorrow WORKBOOK w/CD(1st Edition)
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    1st Edition:Workbook comes with a CD to practice listening for the Step Test (Level 4)

The “Listening Homework” and “Let’s Try” sections help students prepare for the Step Test (Eiken) level 4. Tasks to read simple non-fiction are presented in the “Let’s Read” section. This workbook provides a comprehensive review and practice of grammar, vocabulary, listening, extensive reading, and self-expression. Grammar explanations are introduced with cute manga-style illustrations, making it possible to use this workbook for self-study. You can improve listening skills with the attached audio CD. The vocabulary and grammar explanations give students a language framework that can help upper elementary and junior high students understand English more easily and improve their proficiency.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • Size: A4 / Black & White / 56 pages / Answer key / Attached audio CD

What is the Learning World for Tomorrow Workbook?

It covers: be verbs, general verbs, interrogatives, possessive pronouns, some/any, there is/there are, shall we/shall I/will you, present tense, past tense, comparatives, superlatives, present perfect tense

How are the Workbook CD and the Student CD different?
  • The Learning World for Tomorrow Student CD has the chants and dialogues that go with the Student Book.
  • The Workbook CD has the Eiken-style listening homework which is found in the Workbook.

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