Springboard Level 4
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    8-book pack: The Fishing Trip and others. Lines per page 2-3

From Macmillan Education Australia, the PRIMARY PUBLISHER OF THE YEAR 3 years in a row, comes this fantastic literacy program: Springboard. It is designed for children who are considered “at risk” for reading. In order to engage children who may not like to read, the content is varied and interesting, and the language starts very simple, gradually getting harder.

Sold in level packs, each level pack has 8 books: 3 factual and 5 fiction.

⇒「Springboard again! Of course!!!」(Insights from Matthew’s Classroom)

■ Published by: Macmillan Australia

  • 8 book set (a~h) / size: 19 x 15.5 cm / Full color
  • Pages per book: 16 pages
  • Words per book: about 87 words
  • Sentences per page: 3 sentences
◆4-a  The Park Train  

Read about a family playing on all the equipment in the park.

Word Count: 88
Text type: Narrative

◆4-b  At the Zoo  

This book introduces various animals at the zoo and what they eat.

Word Count: 88
Text type: Factual description

◆4-c  Molly Monster’s Party   

Follow Molly Monster’s preparations as she gets ready to throw a big party.

Word Count: 86
Text type: Literary Recount

◆4-d  Big Things  

Describes some well know big structures, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Word Count: 88
Text type: Information report

◆4-e  The Tennis Match  

Giraffe and Elephant learn to play tennis.

Word Count: 85
Text type: Literary recount

◆4-f  Santana  

Students can read about Santana and his friend, who are deaf, and how they deal with some everyday situations.

Word Count: 84
Text type: Factual recount

◆4-g  Lucy’s Loose Tooth  

Read about Lucy trying to get her wiggly tooth out.

Word Count: 88
Text type: Narrative

◆4-h  The Fishing Trip  

A story about two friends going fishing together.

Word Count: 89
Text type: Narrative


FREE Teaching Guides

You can download free teaching guides for the books. They include reduced-size pages from each book along with detailed instructions for using each book with a class.
The teaching guides also contain 2 worksheets per book! After reading the book, have the students do the fun worksheets which check comprehension and give reading/writing practice.

>>Downloadable Teaching Guides

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