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    English-Japanese bilingual teacher's manual

Detailed information about how to use the course, including how to use the Digital materials.

The BRIDGE Teacher’s Book is different from other Teacher Books in the Learning World series. It is organized differently so you can use it more effectively.

The recommended pace is to complete one STEP in 3 or 4 lessons, but you can also cover one STEP in 2 lessons. Consider your class and scheduling needs.

  • 122 pages
  • A4 size
  • Full color


Configuration of one STEP:

TM step configuration

The Teacher’s Book is not organized in the traditional way.

Towards the front of the manual is the overall lesson flow for each lesson. This includes the routine activities for each lesson. After completing a few STEPS, you can refer to this section as a brief reminder. This section is your overall lesson plan.

▼Lesson Flows

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Individual Units

The main section of the Teacher’s Book is broken down into individual units.
Each unit has 4 pages in this section. The first page is reduced Student Book pages so you can use this as your reference.

The following three pages have detailed usage for the sections that are varied:

  • Let’s get started using…
  • Let’s Study
  • Let’s Plan and Make a Presentation

You will want to carefully look at these sections before your classes. It includes information on what you need to prepare and details about the Digital materials for that lesson.

Example of STEP 4:

TM STEP 4_Page_1

TM STEP 4_Page_2

Teacher’s Book STEP 4 PDF

Let’s Write: Questions for Expanding Topics

Towards the back of the Teacher’s Book are Expansion Questions for the Let’s Write section.
You will want to use these questions as follow-up for expanding the Let’s Write sentences, and as a review during the warm-up for each lesson. They are organized so that it is easy to see previous questions, and they also have extra factual information to help you out.

Lets write questions
Lets Write: Questions for Expanding Topics PDF

* Please see the Interactive DVD-ROM & Listening Test page for more detailed information about the Digital materials.

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