Learn-Abouts Level 1 Science
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    4 books & CD set: Big Animals, What Do You Like to Eat? and others

Books with simple sentences to help students consolidate language and acquire new vocabulary!
Real photos are interesting to students and increase their motivation!
Pack contains 4 books, audio CD, and sticker with book title & CD track numbers.

For each story, the Level 1 CD has: Picture Dictionary → Narration → Listen again (Narration) → Listen & Repeat → It’s chat time (the story told to a chant rhythm.
The CD makes it very easy for children to read along and say the story. You can listen to the CD many times an use it for listening and speaking practice!

◆Science 1-1  Big Animals  

Word Count: 30
Dictionary Words: bear, elephant, horse, leopard, lion, rhinoceros
Key Sentences: I am a big animal.

◆Science 1-2  Flower Colours  

Word Count: 24
Dictionary Words: blue, orange, pink, red, white, yellow
Key Sentences: Here is a flower.

◆Science 1-3  Sleeping  

・Day & Night
Word Count: 24
Dictionary Words: bat, boy, cat, dog, owl, pig
Key Sentences: I sleep (at night/ in the day).

◆Science 1-4  What Do You Like to Eat?  

Word Count: 24
Dictionary Words: apple, bread, marshmallows, popcorn, turkey, watermelon
Key Sentences: We like this food.

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