Learn-Abouts Level 4 Social Studies
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    4 books & CD set: Wheels, Now and Then around the Home and others

Books with simple sentences to help students consolidate language and acquire new vocabulary!
Real photos are interesting to students and increase their motivation!
Pack contains 4 books, audio CD, and sticker with book title & CD track numbers.

◆Social Studies 4-1  At the Shopping Mall  

Word Count: 83
Dictionary Words: bookshop, car park, escalator, food court, toyshop
Key Sentences: We go to the mall.(toyshop/ bookshop/…)
Mum parks the car in the car park.

◆Social Studies 4-2  Helping at Home  

Word Count: 76
Dictionary Words: bath dog, clean bedroom, pot plants, sweep floor, wash dishes, water flowers
Key Sentences: I help at home. I clean my bedroom.

◆Social Studies 4-3  Now and Then around the Home  

・Old and New
Word Count: 76
Dictionary Words: clock, house, radio, telephone, television, typewriter
Key Sentences: These are radios. One is old. One is new. What is different?

◆Social Studies 4-4  Wheels  

Dictionary Words: bicycle, car, Ferris wheel, skates, tractor, unicycle
Word Count: 79
Key Sentences: It has (They have) two big wheels. It has only one wheel.

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