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    Fun phonics practice and chants! Great for everyone from small children to junior high students!

The book starts off with the “Action Alphabet”♪ from WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW: a fun alphabet chant to get kids moving!
Each letter has a two-page spread. The left page has the letter and five words that begin with that letter, paying careful attention to phonics. The right page has a fun, sometimes silly, phrase using words that begin with that letter/sound. The audio CD is great for practicing the sounds in a chant “Big A, little a, æ, æ, æ, apple, ant, æ, æ, æ, Afro, angry, alligator.” Then the audio for the right page has great sound effects and background music to bring it to life. “An Afro ant sleeping on an apple.” The fun interjections also make students laugh and keept their attention. “Is he awake? No. He is asleep.”
Kids can remember the sounds of the alphabet, in a fun, natural way.

  • Author: Mikiko Nakamoto, Illustrated by: TMG
  • Size: slightly off A4 / 60 pages / Full color
  • with attached audio CD
  • Language: Alphabet and letters’ sounds

  • Used with students from 3rd grade an up who have some experience studying English, this book is great for reviewing the alphabet sounds and expanding their vocabulary. The pictures on the right pages are a hit! (teacher in Gifu)
  • As soon as I bought it, I tried it out with a 5th/6th grade class. They had lots of fun trying to imagine what picture might come next. Little by little, we’ve done A through N so far.
    A:An afro ant sleeping on an apple
    D:A dancing dinosaur dancing in a dark night’s “d, d, d, d, d, d, d” sound
    G:Grandma got a great gorgeous gorilla.   
    … were especially popular! Not just with the elementary school class, but also with some junior high girls who loved watching the DVD. (teacher in Mie)
  • From Editorial:
    Just some fun trivia, the pictures for h, r and W are the author Mikiko Nakamoto’s favorites!
    In this picture book, Nakamoto-sensei could let her humor have a bit more free reign. But she was a bit worried about its appeal. Will this book really be popular with elementary and junior high students? Well, it is! The author truly has a good understanding of kids and what they like!
  • The right page has background music. You might think that some of the songs are familiar… Various classical pieces have been used!

    ⇒Here is a list of the classical music:
    A: Brahm’s Lullaby     
    F: Claude Debussy “Reflections in the Water”   
    G: Johann Strauss “Voices of Spring” 
    H: Chopin “Nocturne #20 in C-Sharp Minor”
    N: Badarzewska “Maiden’s Prayer”
    O: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    P: Johann Strauss “Annen Polka”
    R: Chopin “Heroic Polonaise”
    T: Mozart “A Little Night Music (Serenade No. 13 in G Major, K525)”
    U: Claude Debussy “Claire de Lune”
    V: Chopin “Tristesse Etude Op. 10, No.3”
    W: Mussorgsky “Night on Bald Mountain”
    X: Japanese children’s song (こぎつねこんこん)
    Y: Chopin “Minute Waltz, Op. 64”
    Z: Tchaikovsky “Russian Dance (Trepak)” from The Nutcracker  

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