PLATINA Babies 2nd Stage DVD - Fun at the Beach
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    6 episodes & 2 songs: including Down by the Bay, Vegimer the sea horse, and others

Platina Babies is based on content from Baby TV, which was developed for babies and toddlers in cooperation with childhood development experts. The content was created around 9 themes which cover learning skills and developmental milestones of toddlers. Kids relate to the characters and are called on to interact with them. It’s a great chance for parents to interact with their children in English.

Fun at the Beach has 6 stories (about 5 minutes each) and 2 songs.

  • Video segments: 40 minutes + Navigation (Amy) & Platina Babies Song: 8 minutes
  • Audio is all in English, with optional subtitles in English or Japanese.
  • A completely bilingual English/Japanese script is included in the mini book

CONTENTS for Fun at the Beach
Kenny & Goorie (beach)
Oliver (pool)
Draco (kite)
Mr. Snail
Kids and Pets (duck)
Song: Row Your Boat
Song: Down By the Bay

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