Flash Cards Maker User's Guide
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    List and pictures of all 867 words with user tips to get the most out of the software.

One book with eveything you need to go to get the most out of “Flash Cards Maker”.
Includes 21 sample activities that are perfect for public junior high teachers.

  • Size: B5 / 80 pages / Full color
  • All images are included so it’s easy to see!
    Includes all 867 words and images.

** Explanations in Japanese only **

Book Contents:
  • Illustrations list sorted by category
  • Instructions for making & maintaining original lists
  • Q & A
  • 21 activity files for using flash cards
    (alphabet cards, word association game, grammar games, yes/no games, “Have you ever…” game, etc.)
  • Sample cards with printing instructions

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