CHANTS for Grammar Student Book w/CD
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    Reinforce grammar structures with 34 chants, dialogues, and exercises

CHANTS for Grammar will help students better understand and retain grammar that could otherwise obstruct their learning path. The attached audio CD includes dialogues, 34 chants, and their karaoke versions, so students have lots of chance to practice the chants in and out of class!


・Elementary school fifth or sixth grade students
・Junior high school students

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • Size A4 / 72 pages / Two color / with audio CD

34 Chants to reinforce grammar structures taught at junior high.


2: My name is Larry.
3: What is this?
4: I have a pet.
5: This is my friend.
6: Look! More than one.
7: What’re these?
8: The little one? The big one?
9: What do you have in your bag?
10: I am walking.
11: You can do it.
12: Vocabulary songs
13: Don’t do that.
14: He has, She has
15: Does he like me?
16: Where? When? How?
17: Who has a birthday in May?
18: What a pretty girl!
19: Mom was cooking all day long.
20: I went to the market.
21: Did you make your bed?
22: I will go outside.
23: This is my bike. It’s mine.
24: This one is bigger than the other one.
25: My dog is as big as yours.
26: We go to the bakery to buy some bread.
27: I want something to eat.
28: I don’t know what to do.
29: I want you to study hard.
30: The wind is made from grapes.
31: This is the boy whom I love.
32: Have you ever seen a snake?
33: That makes him happy.
34: Let’s go out if it is clear.

Structure of Units:

Dialogue: An introduction of the grammar. Students listen to a dialogue that is typical in their lives.
Chant: Listen to the original chant several times and practice. (New chants to reflect adolescence are added to chants from Learning World 2, 3 and Tomorrow.)
Grammar: The mistakes Japanese students tend to make are explained using illustrations.
Pattern Practice: The 5-10 questions give students a chance to practice the grammar/sentence structure learned. To avoid unnecessary confusion, there are no trick questions.
Creative Writing: Students express themselves using the grammar learned in the final section of the unit. Encouraging the use of dictionaries in order for students to find more ways to express their opinions is crucial in language learning.

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