Once children get a taste of Vanilla, they are ready to step up to elementary level 1 Strawberry. Topics are similar but contain more vocabulary words per unit. But having the same structure as Vanilla, children learn more by going over the same materials and adding on new ones. In Strawberry, students build on one-word answers they learned to answering in sentences.


Unit 1: ALPHABET  (大文字、小文字)
Unit 2: NUMBERS (1~24)
Unit 3: COLORS (light blue/ dark blue/ gold/ silver/ blonzeなど24色)
Unit 4: BODY PARTS (12種類)
Unit 5: CLOTHES (shoes/ socks/ sweaterなど12種類)
Unit 6: LUNCH (a hot dog/ a sandwich/ juiceなど12種類)
Unit 7: FAMILY (my mommy/ my daddy など12種類)
Unit 8: CHALLENGES (hop/ wink/do thisなど12種類)
Unit 9: PRESENTS (a teddy bear/ a tricycleなど12種類)
Unit 10: Animals, Bugs and Others  (frog. spider, mosquito      など12種類)
Special: COMMANDS (spin/tiptoeなど12種類)

•B5 size/ CD included/ full color/ 76pgs

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