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    Trace and remember 564 words, sorted by category. Supplementary J-E, E-J dictionaries with 1,400 words!

My Words 564 was created for Japanese children to enjoy the process of learning vocabulary words by building their own dictionary as they read, write and look up words. It consists of two sections: the “work” section where children learn the basic 564 words in 33 categories and the dictionary section children can use as reference when they express themselves in English.
Children build their own work section of the dictionary as they learn, check, read and write the words themselves. Seeing the accumulation of words they know, children gain confidence and motivation to learn more.

• By Mikiko Nakamoto

  • A4 size/ 104 pages

“Work” section
1. Learn the words.
2. Practice saying the words from English to Japanese and Japanese to English.
3. Create your own words-by-category dictionary.
Use Flip-Flops No.1-4 on the inside covers to hide one side of the page and practice saying the translated words!

1,400+ Word Dictionary
The J-E and E-J sections include words children want to know. J-E section provides sample sentences to help children understand the use of the words. Great reference that helps children find ways to express themselves in English orally and for creative writing .

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