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    668 words with audio QR! Notebook-type dictionary for primary school children, also past tense and plural!

Re-launched on Thursday, March 21st 2024 with audio QR code for vocabulary.
668-word audio QR codes allow page-by-page audio practice of vocabulary.

■ Vocabulary building + first dictionary for primary schools students to visualise what words they are learning.
■Target: Introduce from grades 2-4, starting with English from toddlers.
For Learning World: Start in READY or Book 2 classes.
■Japanese-English dictionary with 1,400 words: also used as a vocabulary option during Creative Writing for primary school students.

In this material, it is not about learning the vocabulary you need to learn because it is in the textbook,
By searching for and learning the English you want to know yourself, and using it as a dictionary for creative writing, you can
This will ensure that you increase your “My Words” (vocabulary that you can say, understand the meaning and spell).

The first half of the book is a page for tracing 564 words, while the second half is in the style of a Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary.
The Japanese-English dictionary contains simple English sentences familiar to children.

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★On the My Own Words List page.…

Record vocabulary that does not fit into existing categories, vocabulary you want to say and words you want to remember.
Write down the English you want to say, keep it deep in your memory and create your own original dictionary.

・It is good that I can paint the colours by myself when I have learnt them (4th grade).
・I like that I can quickly check how much I have learned (and it’s not too heavy) (grade 5, 2 years).
・It is easy to read and print 12 vocabulary words from different genres, which motivates me to memorize them (grade 3).
・I have been using it for four or five years, but now it is very useful in the third and fourth-grade classes. I write s, es, ies after the present tense of verbs and remember the changes of verbs in the third-person singular present tense.

After practicing with the audio, use ‘Check Sheets‘ to test whether you can spell English correctly by looking at the Japanese.

■ Written by Mikiko Nakamoto
A4 size / 104 pages / 1 color / with Flip-Flop for word check

33 basic categories of children’s English x 12 important words to remember are shown in the large 12-word font on each page.
Vocabulary 668 words (564 basic vocabulary words + 96 past tense of verbs + 8 irregular change plurals of nouns).

Pronouns /verbs /verb phrases /time /days and seasons /12 months /colors/adjectives /adverbs
Family /animals /numbers / ordinal numbers /what to wear /occupations /food /vegetables /fruits /drinks /
Sports /school subjects /stuff and stationery in the classroom /things in the school /
Objects in the kitchen /Objects in the living room /Objects in your room /Body parts /
Weather and nature /Vehicles /Vehicles /Buildings in town /Prepositions and auxiliary verbs /Questions

▼How to use the tracing page
  • ‘Read’ as a class, page by page
  • Trace the grey English and ‘write’ the spelling exactly
  • Listen to the QR audio and recite it over and over again
  • Flip-Flop to hide the Japanese and ‘look at the English and say the Japanese translation’ (see below).
  • Flip-Flop to hide the English and ‘look at the Japanese and say the English’ (see picture below).
  • When you have learned a word, color in the number to the left of the word.
  • When all the words have been colored in, use Check Sheets to check whether you have really learned the words!

⇒Children can see with their own eyes that their vocabulary is increasing,
They can see for themselves how much they have improved!

1. Remove the cover of My Words 564 and detach the four Flip-Flops. 2.Tape the top side of the Flip-Flop to the back of the My Words 564 cover.
3.No. 1 Flip-Flop is pasted on the left side. (To paste No. 2 Flip-Flop on the right side) 4. Attach No. 2 Flip-Flop; No. 3 and 4 on the back cover.
5.Flip-Flop to hide the Japanese and try to see if you can say Japanese when you see English. 6.Hide your English and try to see if you can speak English when you see Japanese.



▼Vocabulary building for primary school students My Words 564 Series.


Differences from the previous My Words 564 Dictionary.
・The first half of the dictionary now includes audio QR for each page. (There are no changes to the traced words or the Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionary pages in the second half of the dictionary.)
・Price: increased ¥220 incl. tax.

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