Vol.5 Our Sweet Home
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    Looking at a field in different seasons, find out who lives there.

An open field in different seasons… it looks like no one is there. But after looking closer, you can see that there are many small creatures who make their home in the field. “Where?” “I’m here. Behind a leaf.” What little creature’s home is it?

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • Size: slightly off A4 / 32 pages / full color / supplementary activity pages
  • With CD: English and Japanese narration, theme song “Our Sweet Home”, supplementary song “The Weather Song”
  • Theme: to nurture and care for nature, down to the smallest creatures
  • Language: prepositions of place, weather, seasons
  • Main vocabulary & expressions: Where? Is anybody there? on a flower, behind a leaf, between vines, in a puddle, by a stone, under the ground…

After reading the book, please use the accompanying workbook. Language used in the picture book is reinforced in the workbook.

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