Vol.9 What Can You Do?
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    Animals can do amazing things. So can we!

In this story kids ask various animals, “What Can You Do?”
“Hi, Bird. What can you do?” Snake? Octopus? Bat? What can they do? This is a fun book for practicing using “can” in sentences to show ability.


Recommended for elementary school students who have studied English for at least a year.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • Size: slightly off A4 / 32 pages / full color / supplementary activity pages
  • With CD: English and Japanese narration, theme song “What Can You Do?”, supplementary chant “With My Eyes”
  • Theme: show the strengths of different animals and think about the strengths of humans
  • Language: phrases using the helping verb “can”
  • Main vocabulary & expressions: What can you do? I can fly in the sky. I can walk, too. And… I can dive into water.

After reading the book, please use the accompanying workbook. Language used in the picture book is reinforced in the workbook.

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