Vol.10 What's this?
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    What's this? It's a cave. No, it's a bridge. Hmm… What do you think it is?

What’s this? A dark huge cave? Really? A carpet! Coral! Broccoli! But what is the correct answer?


Recommended for elementary school students who have studied English for at least a year.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • Size: slightly off A4 / 32 pages / full color / supplementary activity pages
  • With CD: English and Japanese narration, theme song “What’s this?”, supplementary song “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree”
  • Theme: think about what we see and how it affects our perceptions
  • Language: adjectives, and question/answer pattern “What’s this?” “It’s ~.”
  • Main vocabulary & expressions: What’s this? I know!
    It is a black hole. It’s a huge black hole. A black hole? No way!

A fun note from Editorial

Look carefully at the picture of the entire tree on page 26…
T: Let’s find a snake!
S: Here!  
There are lots of animals hiding in the picture!
a swallow, a sandpiper, a swan, a squirrel, a mantis, a caterpillar
Finding them all is fun!

After reading the book, please use the accompanying workbook. Language used in the picture book is reinforced in the workbook.

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