Listening homework award sticker.
When students have done an okay, but not a great job, on their recitation/listening homework, give them a blue sticker. This means that they have done a satisfactory job on the homework, but you think they can do better. Give them a chance to do better and then cover this blue award sticker with a gold award sticker (sold separately) to show they did a great job!
Use the blue/gold stickers together as an easy way to show homework progress.

  • 5 sheets / 240 stickers total
  • Size: 3 cm
Use these stickers with the listening stamp (sold separately) to check homework!
    1. Stamp the page with the listening homework stamp (sold separately). At the beginning of the next class, check and see if students can do the chant, dialogue or song.

    1. If the student can recite/sing the listening homework well, put a gold award sticker (sold separately) over the stamp.

    1. If the student does an okay job, but not great, put a blue award sticker over the stamp.

    1. Later, if a student tries again and can do a better job, put a gold sticker over the blue sticker.

Homework Stamp (Listening/Writing) &Award Stickers LINEUP


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