Bicolor Award Stickers in blue and gold!

Blue & Gold Award Stickers to encourage students who achieved Blue stickers but too early to get the next award sticker in gold.


With award stamps and stickers…
 Students can see easily where homework pages are.
– Learning progress will be clearly understood.
– Parents can see the progress and the achievement.

240 stickers (5 sheets)

The basic concept of Learning World series is to remember the whole contents of the textbooks.  Showing the progress and giving rewards will make students confident!


Check homework with Listening Homework Stamp and Award Stickers!


1. Stamp Listening Homework Stamp on a homework page. In the next lesson students will read it out.

 2. Put one of the Award stickers on top of the stamp depending on the result. “Award Stickers GOLD” or  Award Stickers BLUE or this Bicolor Stickers!


The stamp and the stickers are all in the same size. As students get better, teachers can cover the blue sticker with gold one.


Homework Stamp (Listening/Writing) &Award Stickers LINEUP


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